Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rain, Rainier, Rainiest

Driving on through the pouring rain, I dropped M off at her brother's house so she could aid and abet the inventorying of a relative's house relative to an age related change of said aunt's domicile.
I proceeded on through the drearying downpour to the Greenwood library to the fifth birthday party of Ruby (of whom I have spoken in previous posts) and friends
There was a piñata, a tough, fibrous piñata that resisted efforts to disgorge it's contents.

After many futile blows it was finally torn to shreds by the mommy of the group.

Later on that excessively hydrous day we sloshed on down to Renton for the opening concert of the Rainier Symphony.
They played Stravinsky's 1919 "Firebird suite", charming and mysterious music
Well played.

After a short intermission during which I once again failed to win the drawing, Shostakovich's 5th symphony popped up.

His 5th is something that Dmitri had to write to get back into the good graces of uncle Joe Stalin.
Not that those graces were all that great.
But they were better than the alternative.
Communism is not graceful at it's best.
And ol' Joe wasn't even that.

Thank God politics plays no part in the music scene here in the Good Ol', eh?

Personally I think that one of the first two movements could be cut out completely.
They both seemed stretched and a bit lethargic.
And, once again my own personal, Moderato, Allegerto, Largo, and Allegro basically adds up to slow and slower.
I like some presto, some prestissimo.

In the words of my composition God, P.D. Q. Bach,
"Fast is good, loud is better, fast and loud is best".

I spent the first two movements in composer mode, editing and making cuts as it strolled along.

Later, when it got big and noisy, I actually listened to the music.
So, now, I'm not so sure about the first part.

Also, since almost all the music I listen to anymore is my own while writing, I am probably becoming lost in my own world of fantasy about of what real music is.

And, as I have learned from the forty grit sandpaper of experience, what goes on in my head is best left in my head.

Vote no on Susan Hutchinson.
She's not the one who tossed me out of SSO's headquarters but she associates with them and she's a girl and that's enough for me.

Besides, M is working for Bob.

So at last we come to the end of this dead end street where the drain has once again filled itself sick with the effluvia of nature and regurgitates the slimy, soiled water is is supposed to pass.

The cadre of hard working city employees who are in charge of these things are on their way with a cure for what ails and perhaps an inoculation to prevent further infections, although I imagine they have more important things on their mind at the moment.

Other drains.

After all, it does rain on the just and the unjust alike.

Our basement floor is all wet.

The sun is brightening my window as we speak and I am contemplating a trip to Tukwila where the aforementioned
Rainier Symphony
will be repeating last night's show.

I'll give Shosty another shot at comprehension. Perhaps I shall learn something.

I have a lot to.


Blogger kransberg-talvi said...

It's always wonderful to see you both there! Politics in Seattle music scene? Really, you think?

12:20 PM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

We, finally, this year have
a dry basement. It took two
sump pumps and a new set of
drains set up to accomplish
that, but it is done, and the
dryness is magnificent. Since
our bedroom is in the basement,
and so is my office, it is
pretty traumatic when the water
invades, in any capacity.
For a mo, looking at your heading,
I thought you slogged clear
to Paradise Lodge up on Mt.
Rainier as well; that would have
been a nice adjunct.
Ruby is five, Where does the time
go? So she is in school, and soon
will leaping and growing and liking
boys and all that girl stuff. Two of my daughters visited with us
on Sunday for lunch and games
afterward; the women beat hell
out of the men in pinocle.
You really are heavy into your
composter mode and persona
here, and we classical
music nyophites and opera
ignorant, we can only roll
our eyes and be impressed with
your passion, and opinions.
Was Janet the mommy of the
group? Did she use a big
stick? Speaking of politics
and Stalin and that stuff,
notice that we are hearing
less and less about Homeland
Security these days. Obama
keeps them low profile, where
Junior used to parade them
around like storm troopers;
but rest assured they are
out their, looking for the
unpatriotic, the impure, the
malcontents, the intellectuals;
pretty much the full compliment
of blogger who hand around this
terrific site. When the end of
your street floods, there on the
bottom and end of the street,
can you get in and out of your
driveway easily, or do you wish
your still owned the amphibian?
Saw Matt Damon is THE INFORMANT
on Friday, a scarey movie about
corporate greed and mental illness
that is played mostly for laughs.
Soderbergh is doing his best
imitation of the Coen Brothers
it seems. I spent a lovely
afternoon Saturday with my TFC
pal, Mohsen, looking the Australian
DVD I bought for him, a copy of
Glenn Ford in THE SHEEPMAN; a real
lost classic. Turned out it played
well on the American DVD player, it was not PAL. This is the week
for Melva's 6th annual Birthday
Bash at Pac Beach. We are headed over on Thursday afternoon to set things up. Going to be very low
key this year; mostly just the
immediate family. Wednesday night
we, most of us, take her out for
her birthday dinner at the
I am still under the weather
fighting a cold it seems. Melva
has got a touch of it too. Good
old Fall, and with the change
of season comes the change of
metabolism. Going to be strange
missing the TFC montly meeting
on Wednesday night. Oh well, I
delegated three others to cover and facilitate the discussion
of the three films from October.
Maybe some folks will be nice
and tell me how much I was
missed, or maybe no one will
say a thing; that will be
creepy, enit?


6:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane (& M. K.-T. & Glenn)!!
The conductor of the Rainier Symph must be a brave person, program-
ming Shostakovich right after Stravinsky, with neither Beethoven nor Mozart in between!!!
Don't blame Communism (or Socialism) on Stalin; he was neither; his "ism" was INTERNAL, state-sponsored TERRORISM!!!
And don't reject all women for political office just because S.
Hutchinson happens to be one (besides being in cahoots with the SEA-SYMPH). She is on the wrong side (far wrong!!) of the political spectrum; that's why I reject her; also because being able to read news from a teleprompter (probably texted by someone else!!) doesn't qualify one to manage county government!!!
The highly capable mayor of Schwerin (after her predecessor, male, was thrown out in a re-call election) is a Socilaist and a woman, and all think she is doing a great job!!!

9:01 AM  

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