Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Found a few new links you might be interested in;

"Being Miss" A blog by an English English teacher, author and humorist.

"Good Noise" a (mostly) musical site.


"Odd Instruments"

My favorite on Odd Instruments is "Score for hole in the ground".

Links are over there to your right under "Blog party revelers"


Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

and it is a quirky and
creative site for sure.
While at our TFC meeting
last night I mentioned what
my stage name used to be,
you know "Slash Phuque",
and one of the members got
out his iphone and went on
line and searched for it.
To my delight the hit came
up as a comment right here
on FFTL, ole' stellamartis
herself. It just shows to
go you that probably when we
get carried away and we
post some crazy shit on
any of the many blogsites
we visit, it is all public
domain, and can be read and
perused by anyone any time.
Kind of sobering, profound,
and scary, enit?
My son-in-law has completed
the design for the TFC
2010 membership card. It
is really gorgous, the best
design for our card yet.
I will send you a link to
view it. He is quite a talent,
got old James Dean sitting
in that model A with his feet
up, leather gloves in hand,
hat pulled down low, with the
mansion in the background; one
of the most famous icons ever
from GIANT. Really cool, honest.
Got into some real esoteric
stuff from Bobby Byrd, Cortney
Bledsoe, and Jerome Rothenberg
yesterday on FFTR, then threw
in a William Stafford poem
just to spice things up.
I remembered to bring in
Sherman's book FACES today,
so if I can get around to
it I can start typing up
some of his stuff for the
steaming screaming masses.
Slept like someone had sapped
me behing the ear last
night, woke up with a snort
looking for the person
shaking me, but found no one.
Maybe I am getting back in
touch with the other side
of the veil, meditating and
all that, centering, focusing,
getting my shit together so
that I can hire someone else
to lift it. My student, 79
year old ex-sheriff's deputy
and Sasquatch hunter spent some
time with me yesterday, and got
me fired up again to do some
Bigfoot prowling and searching.
I will be in Pac Beach next
week for Melva's 6th annual
Birthday Bash, but probably
won't have time to go and
visit him in Copalis Crossing.


6:13 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

led me to a piece on another
site called PAINT WITH MUSIC,
and the artwork was dazzling
and different. I posted a peck
of it on FFTR for your
perusal and enjoyment.
Managed to type and transcribe
a few of Sherman's poems from
FACES onto FFTR yesterday.
Received good feed back from
the TFC members RE the James
Dean image on the new
membership card for 2010.
Time marches on, enit?
I seem to be fighting a sinus
infection and/or virus which
pleases me tremendously.
So it is impossible to know
if the iodine tabs I was
taking kicked up the sinus
probems, since that is a
symptom of too much and not
needed iodine. Nothing ever
seems to be linear in my life.
Taking Melva to a new restaurant
in Sumner, the Windmill Nursery's
BISTRO. Kind of pricey, but
we have not been there yet;
need to find out how many
of our kids will attend the
birthday dinner next Wednesday,
and make the reservation.
I know, or at least have
figured out when I use the
links you post on this site,
that you make comments on
several other sites that I
do not frequent. Keeps you
kind of busy it seems;
wouldn't want you to get
bored or listless.
More cyber changes and horseshit
here at the office; more stress
and adjustment. 9 more months
and then to hell with them.


5:53 AM  
Anonymous George A. Custer said...

Hey, man, I have noticed of
late that when you post comments
on other blogs, your avatar
image is cutting your head off;
just leaving your dick and
your knees. What's up with

..........George Custer

3:16 PM  
Anonymous Thomas Builds A Fire said...

Don't get it wrong, Douglas,
they are attractive, those
knees and that dick...but
perhaps you should look into
this situation. We wouldn't
want other bloggers to laugh
at your image, enit?

.......Thomas Builds A Fire

3:19 PM  
Anonymous Vinnie Corleone said...

I tink dat da problum is wit
dose goddamned Republican
sombitches. I tink dat dey
are triing to sabbotauge
dis wonderful bloggness of
da oneandonly Lane S.


3:21 PM  
Anonymous Jorge Gobel said...

This might be a great opportunity
to let everyone know that I invented and started Ramada Inns.

..........Jorge Gobel

3:23 PM  
Anonymous Edgar A. Poo said...

I have often heard that particular
chain of hotels referred to as
Rama Da Inns; a haven for homos
and bull dykes.

......Eddie Poo

3:25 PM  
Anonymous Dame Elton's John said...

Hey Poo, their money spends like
everyone else! Get over it!

.........Elton's John

3:26 PM  
Anonymous Jamie L. Curtiss said...

I say bring 'em in, strap them down, and rock and roll!

......Jamie Lease Curtiss

3:27 PM  
Anonymous George Mikal said...

I heard your Dad, Jamie, had a
huge male member. Is there any truth to that. He was on a British talk show and coped to it.

.........George Mikal

3:29 PM  
Anonymous Jamie L. Curtiss said...

I suppose if my Mother was still alive, we could test the myth. I,
personally, prefer not to comment
on Daddy Tony's maleness.

.........Jamie L.C.

3:31 PM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Hey, hay, haii....it is Friday
by damned tootin'--thank God.
No response from the Savant
as to his avatar truncation,
leaving only the midriff and
knee jerk icon for all of
us to enjoy. I guess I get
this comment section to mine
self; other than, of course,
all the Anono gang. Thought
maybe Jannie, Alex, Robin,
Anonomann, or that dude with
the pooch avatar would pipe
up and chirp along, but so
far no dice. That's cool.
Thanks, Lane, for stopping
by and commenting on several
of the Sherman poems and
ditties. It is fun to post
his stuff; feels like old
home week. I wonder if I
will ever get to one of
his book signings or
stand ups or appearances.
He, as I mentioned previously,
will be busy making a book
tour all over the country
for his latest book, WAR
DANCES. I am still mired
in his last book FACES;
bringing up the rear. I was
surprised to read in one
of the interviews I posted
done with him that he went
through a severe case of
writer's block this year.
Seems to have snapped out
of it with a vengeance though.
Melva and I are supposed
to meet with some friends
tonight and go to a flick
and dinner. I did make a
reservation for her birthday
dinner last night. The
a neat little upscale hash
house; the special last night
was French Onion Clam Chowder.
Now that sounds scrumptious.
I meet with a TFC pal on
Saturday to take a look at
a new DVD I purchased for
him, Glenn Ford in THE SHEEPMAN.
This is a lost classic that
never even came out in VHS.
I had to send to Australia for
this copy. We are hoping that
it will play on American
equipment. It is not supposed
to be PAL. A few years ago
we went through this with
Gary Cooper's THE HANGING
TREE, which had a limited
release on VHS. It went for
100 bucks on ebay. A veteran
I worked with sent it to
me as a gift, and I had it
transfered to DVD. Sooner
or later, if one has patience,
which often I don't, every
thing will be released, shaken
from the darkness, shook out
of its lethargy. THE HIGH AND
THE SKY were both good
examples; lost films never
released until they were.


5:53 AM  
Anonymous Woody Allen said...

I want to tell you a terrific story
about oral contraception. I asked this girl to sleep with me and
she said no.

.........Woody Allen

5:56 AM  
Anonymous Emily D. said...

Oh Douglas, you must get off the dime and take care of your avatar. It does not present a positive image to your public, present and future to flaunt your penis and knees.


5:58 AM  
Anonymous Eddie Emerald said...

I still think Glenn's idea that
you run a serialization of one of your plays done as an extra here on FFTL would be way cool. Consider it, big dude.

........Eddy Emerald

6:00 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Actually, after the holidays, we should schedule some face time,
biker boy. I will return the three
plays you loaned to me to read like
three years ago, and we can talk about how you should integrate them into the format. It would be
great fodder or flora for those days when you are not inspired to
rant or philosiphize.

6:02 AM  
Anonymous Mikal Jack'son said...

Now that I have officially joined
your Dead Commentors Club, perhaps
I will get more respect.

.........Mikal Jack'son

6:04 AM  
Anonymous Rodney Dangerinfield said...

Respect. Fuggetaboutit! I never could get none! But then I made
that into my whole schtick. Your
schtick was much weirder. I would
say live with it, but that would
be absurd.

.......Rodney Dangerinfield

6:06 AM  
Anonymous General George Patton said...

It is not too late, son, for
you to serve your country again.
I'm sure Obama could find some
thing for you to do; a minister
of something perhaps.

.......General George Patton

6:09 AM  
Anonymous Edgar Allen Poo said...

Why has no one got down and
dirty on this commentary yet?
Certainly there are some fags
out there who will claim Doug
has been seen in a gay bar
or a porn theater.

.........Edgar Poo

6:11 AM  

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