Friday, October 16, 2009

Mandora project

The mandora project has been idle for a month or so while I obsessed over the design of the bridge.
You can see by this picture how complicated the thing is.

Two hunks of wood and a section of fret wire.

Anyway, this is what it looks like "in the white" before the staining and varnishing.

I will obsess over that for awhile too.

Loads of rain falling right at the moment.
A peek out the window shows a drain reasonably free from impediment, so I've no need to remove my fur lined slippers and don shoes or boots that require tedious lacing.
Thank God for that little blessing, eh?

It seems to me that several mildly interesting things have happened in the last few days, but for the life of me I can't remember any.
Well, I did order some recording equipment online.
Since my digital recorder finally worked, I decided to buy another microphone.
Stereo device should have two.
So, thanks to a special 3fer, I now have four!
Also because the two violin concerto performance got recorded short 'cause of the flash card being only 128mb, I bought a 1gb card.
Lotta trouble for a performance a year.
But, I may actually get on with some of the home recording projects that constantly pop up in my head about every twenty two seconds or so.

The Bass Concerto is actually turning out rather well.
I'm getting some nice lyrical lines and some full bodied beauty out of the instrument.
To be more precise, the computer's version of that instrument.

The real thing certainly ought to sound better than that!

As should the orchestra.

As so should I

And in a greater sense, so should we all.

As so should Miss Ophelia, wherever she may be.


Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

You know, dumb me, I owe the
vast readership and commentorship
an apology. I have made bunches
of references to Sherman Alexie's book from last year, entitled
FACES. Well, damn, the truth is
that the actual title is
FACE; not plural. FACES was a
John Cassavetes film from the
60's, so of course it must have
stuck somewhere in my cortex,
and even though I was staring
directly at the cover of the
poetry book FACE, I continued
to refer to it as FACES.
Odd the scotomas that can build
up without our realizing it.
Maybe when the mandora is
completed you will be able
to strum it along with some
Frank Zappa tunes, enit?
It looks awesome in its naked
whiteness, before it gets the
varnish tan, the soaking of color
that must come before it can
truly be called an instrument.
Having to type up and transcribe
all of Sherman's poems onto
FFTR is giving me hand cramps.
So once again, real life
intervenes and prevents Art
from flourishing, even from
existing--and that makes it'
twice as hard to swallow.
I am off early today so that
I can pick up Melva and join
some friends for a movie and
dinner; which I had made
reference to yesterday, so
I guess I am out of news.


1:36 PM  

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