Sunday, October 11, 2009


We had tickets for a Philharmonia Northwest concert today, but I wasted the day obsessing about computer games, silly blog posts, and an argument on Facebook about racism in the good 'ol U.S.A.

As in all arguments, I am left with absolutely no idea of what the point might have been.

So that, at least, was worthwhile.

But I missed the concert.

So, tough!


Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Sorry to hear that you
missed your concert. It does
amaze me how the computer, and
the concentration that it takes
to play on one, can put us in
a zone. I too have missed a
thing or two while in the
arms of Mesmer and Hyper
anesthetic. As to racism,
I suppose we should confront
it at every turn. There are
so many other significant
things to obsess about, that
it just seems absurd that many
folks still cling to their
racist notions. Sexism is
still extant; ditto for anti-
Semitism; makes me physically
ill to push back the pain
over my heart when the mean
monkeys begin their chatter.
So "phooey" is the watch
word for the day, for this
Tuesday that is more like
a Monday, except it isn't.
Columbus, like Jesus, Santa
Claus, and the Easter Bunny
was probably a disillusioned
prick egocentric boor, but
it is good to get another
day off from the office grind,
so I salute his Italian
behind with all the fervor
I can muster. Joni is my
songstress this morning as
my CD player hums along, and
Morrison and the Doors brought
me along in the dark, across
the dark corridor to the doors
of non-perception, another
day in the servitude of The
department of Veteran's
Affairs. Tonight is the
TFC Executive Committee
meeting. I am so damned
important, I can hardly
stand myself, enit?
I was reading more of
Sherman's FACES this morn,
and still need to bring it
in and transcribe a bunch
of great poetics onto FFTR.
I did transfer the Eagle
poem(s) there yesterday;
or was it Sunday? Went out
to see PANDORUM yesterday
with a pal; pretty good Sci
Fi flick; almost as good
as the first time one saw
ALIEN; and no real promo
on it. Ben Foster steals
the movie from Dennis Quaid;
he seems to do that a lot,
hell of an actor.
Had a rough time getting to
sleep last night, after three
days of staying up to mid-
night and rising at 9am-ish.
That will be my new schedule,
soon, soon. So I feel tired
and cranky and cramped up
this fine first day of white
and blue collarness.


5:56 AM  

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