Sunday, October 11, 2009


Lookin' out my back door

Eagles in our tree.

They make a lot of noise and they fish illegally.

They are homeless bums.

Something should be done.

They don't pay rent.

I wonder if these two gangster hooligans are the ones who ate our cat.


Blogger Lane Savant said...

Ophelia, like an eagle -
has flown away from me -
And now I can but wonder -
and guess where she may be -

I do not know the reason -
why she flew away from me -
Now every day I scan the sky -
I hope she hears my plea -

Come back, come back Ophelia -
Return once more to me -
Unless you're here beside me -
My soul cannot be free -

O, somewhere there's a nest -
High up in a tree -
Where she can roost and rest -
And look down on fools like me -

......Dashitall Hamlet

11:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must object to this comment.

Mr Hamlet is not the author of this soul wrenching masterpiece.

I wrote it...

What's more, the last line is quoted incorrectly.

It should read;

"And crap on fools like thee."

...Edgar Allen Poo

12:00 PM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Great pics; great sentiments, insights,
bitches, moans, truths, wishes, and
like that. I especially like the link to
the missing Polalie, and then as a
hidden capper the poetics hidden
within the Comments section. One
never knows where poetry lurks.
It is like a rodent or insects. It is
adaptable to every moment, every
environment. I snatched this posting
like a hot sweet potato and re-posted
it double quick right over on FFTR;
right on top of the posting announcing
Barack Obama's Peace prize win;
kind of ironic, enit?
Speaking of Native American slang,
did you dig the 8 pieces I lifted from
the New Yorker from Sherman's
new book WAR DANCES? I have been
so busy retyping rare William Stafford
poems from his archives, I forgot to
bring my copy of Sherman's FACES,
and flood my reader's senses with
even more Alexie.
Melva and I took off this afternoon
on a mini-road trip, down to see
Mt. Saint Helens. Haven't been up there
in a while. Perfectly clear day up on
Windy Ridge; could see Mt. Adams, Mt.
Hood, and Mt. Rainier from there,
breathing in the 38 degree air.
"12", the Russian version of Reginald
Rose's 12 ANGRY MEN, is terrific;
highly recommend that everyone
rent it, buy it, and watch it. Very Russian,
dark, profound, passionate, sad,
and funny too. Good time will be had
for the viewer. Hey, if Ophelia was the
motley headed eagle, what was the
male's name, Irving?


7:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
Because you are not a right-winger (and I'm FAR from that, too), I am no admirer of American Eagles (S. Hutchinson probably envies you for having two!!) so I agree with your not wanting them on your property; in fact, you are probably right about what happened to your friendly missing cat; it probably wound up as the main course in an
eaglen dinner!!

9:09 AM  

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