Tuesday, January 09, 2007

You're it

Jeremy Denk got "tagged"
The challenge is this, grab the nearest book,go to page 123, 5th sentance print out the next three sentances then name the book and author and send it to 3 others
O.K. here we go,

1; On the CREATE menu, go into the Grace-note menu and click Acciaccatura or Apoggiatura
(or type the shortcuts . or /, which depict a tiny notehead and a line through the stem respectivley)
2; Click where the grace note is to go
3; The grace note will appear as an eighth note (quaver).
Page 123, sentance 5 of my Sibelius user guide; Ben Finn.

I'm not going to bother other people with that. I feel silly enough as it is.


Blogger Robin said...

Took me a sec to figure out this apparent "Greek," or should I say "Geek." Fun to get a taste of your music making instructions.

12:41 PM  

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