Thursday, December 21, 2006

Seattle Symphony rant goes on

Out searching for more things to post to try, in my pathetic way, to embarrass the Seattle Symphony, I found a blog from a founder's room patron. These people pay an extra $3K or so just so they can have a special place to wait out intermissions. The Symphony, however doesn't seem to feel that it needs to provide the amenities that they advertise for this service.
He had to treat his guests to drinks after the show.
I can understand them dumping me, I was only worth @ $1K per annum to them (not counting the accounting value of my free volunteer work)
They are in financial crisis, audiences are down, and they persist in deliberately antagonising and alienating their friends. In spite of my complaints, I am still a friend of the orchestra itself.
It's just a few incompetents I'd like to see move on.
Maybe into science, go see if there is any life on the moon, perhaps.
I just read that the San Francisco Opera is in the black.
I just read that the Detroit Symphony is in the black.
Seattle is a very arts oriented place.
O.K. ......grunge....sorry about that.
We have Speight Jenkins here.
Someone as competent as he is should take over the SSO.
Someone, who, like Mr. Jenkins, actually loves the art form and uses his position for more than personal aggrandisement.
The Seattle Opera is a world class outfit (that's my story and I'm stickin' to it)
The SSO, In spite of it's world class musicians, is, as Paul Meecham once referred to it in my presence, a "second tier orchestra".
Working on becoming third.

We gave you jet air travel.
You are reading this because of a Seattle poker player named Gates.

We have the talent to become first rate, just get rid of the saboteurs in charge

I wonder if Speight has a brother.

If there is a spill checcker for this syte, I havunt found it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another excellent blogspot from you!! I especially second your praise of Speight; that Texan is a wonderful gift to Seattle!!!! But, despite being a workaholic, Speight has his hands already full doing all he does for Seattle Opera!! I´m sure he doesn´t have time to do a similarly conscientious and competent job with the muddle at 2nd and Union in Seattle.
You are right: the Musicians Lounge at 3rd and Union has some great talent, which can especially be appreciated when some great guest conductors are there, like Lawrence Renes. BUT, the SeaSymph needs money, and there Schwarz is a world champion. In a socialist USA, where the arts are publicly-supported, musical talent, not fund-raising would determine who would be the Music Directors (like Kurt Masur then in Leipzig)!!

2:29 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

If you need a spell checker, you idiot, just open word and use that one.

11:21 PM  

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