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This started as a response to a blog of Soho the dog. Apparently a "consultant"
advised that the Oregon Symphony should not play so much "Classical" music.
Nothing but Baroque, Romantic, "Modern", Minimalist?

He shouldn't joke like that; these are a people who can't even pump their own gas!
there's an off chance they might take him seriously!!

Actually, he suggested Christian pop music, because it sells better.

Take a few deep breaths. Put your head between your knees for awhile.

Feeling better?


Well, "classical" music WAS born in church, a very autocratic church. Unlike todays "Christian" music, it was the antithesis of "popular" that is to say, peasant, music.
By the time it got to the "classical" "classical" period, it had become merely royal.
It wasn't 'till the 50's that Les Paul gave Elvis the tools to show the world what working "class" children could do.
Now, of course we arrive at a new period of music in which "classical" music is percieved (to people with I.Q's in the low hundreds)(or even of presidential timbre) as anything played by an orchestra.
Although, in thinking about the problem of popularising the "classics" (See Pete Schikele's magnificant work "New Horizons for "Classical music"") (how many different meanings for the word "classical" can you kiddies find?) (hint see previous blog "my cars")(none of which are true "classics")(but, in many ways, are "classic" in their own right)

I have noticed that the musical groups that actually turn enough profit to keep themselves well supplied with the staples (cocaine, heroin, little yellow pills, little pills of many other colors, Jack Daniels, marijuana, Coca Cola, et. cetera)

Where was I?

Oh yah, they all write their own music!
Something to think about.
We 21st century composers will be heard!
If you have been reading me regularly, you may have perceived that I am involved in a lover's quarrel with the Seattle Symphony. This Is partly because they play other music by 20 and 21st century composers and not any of mine! The Bitch! Hmmmph!
I came in one day to find all my stuff tossed out on the lawn, right on top of some dog waste. (O.K. That's from a Frank Zappa song, sorry, Moon, Dweeze.)
What they do play, however, is pretty good, nay, excellent. Sam Jones' Tuba concerto is one of them. Gabriella Frank, Cindy McTee of the suprizingly firm grip, David Diamond, and one guy I havn't actually heard yet, Eddy Emerald.

The major problem faced by composers of today's music is the question "What kind of music do you write?"
One must say "classical" even though the classical "classical" period is older than Keith Richard looks, and I'm not.
America was born right about then.
Don't even try to call it "Art music" I tried that once at a fiddle show in Monarch Montana. Being run out town on a rail is not that bad, the tar and feathers were annoying.
All kidding aside and no disrespect to Monarch, it was a terrific show.

There are several books of musical humor that expand on the "bean counter approach" theme. I am going to look for them now. Wait here a sec.

O.K., I'm back.
"A working musician's joke book" by Daniel Theaker. Sound and vision, Toronto.
"The Musician"s ultimate Joke book by Kevin M. Mitchell. Symphony Publishing. LLC
this one opens with a wonderful quote from Lili Tomlin "I'm worried that the person who thought up Muzak may be thinking up something else"
"Maestro, Please" cartoons by Ed Fisher. Applause books, New York.

It's in one of them, and many other places as well.

One suggestion is to get rid of all the violins and just amplify one of them.

You would think that people who worked for music organizations would know or at least care about the subject.
Naah!, I guess not.

My five minutes is up, bye!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

How did you get in to hear Sam Jones' superb Tuba Concerto???????
-- Benaroya Security. And it will probably also be performed by the State Orchestra in Mainz, Deutschland. The Gwneral Music Director there "loved" the CD I gave her.

2:37 PM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

The concerto was performed while I was still a season ticket holder.
I heard it two nights in a row.
The second night, I was harrassed by security while trying to buy tickets.
I would like to get a recording and a score.

10:16 AM  

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