Wednesday, December 20, 2006

More SeaSymph dirt

It was about a year ago that I was tossed from Seattle Symphony's premises.
Actually, it was Feb, eleven twelfs, near enough.
At that time, a volunteer friend was writing letters to the HR person asking if they could have Doug back, seeing as how the complainant was leaving.
He got no more response than I did.

At the same time, HR decided to have a meeting of staff on the subject of harassment.
I recieved a rather poignant letter from him, wherein he listed his fears in this regard.My friend, naturally, wanted to attend. He wanted to know just what the rules were. There was certainly no way of knowing based on their treatment of me.
He was told that it was just for staff, volunteers not welcome.
Which action brings up two interesting interpretations.

One the SSO wanted volunteers to be in the dark in order to maximise the possibilities of confusion and misunderstanding. Perhaps these silly people get a feeling of power and moral superiority from deliberatly created problems like these and wanted to create as much trouble as they could so they could play Lone Ranger and rescue fair maidens from the ravages of their own imaginations.

That's one way of looking at it

Another way could be a justified guilt about their aiding and abetting of their employee's harassment of me. That said employee obviously kept up a constant string of complaint about me long after I had ceased any contact with (the employee)
Inasmuch as the alleged offence happened three years ago and HR refused to do anything at all about it untill there was no point to doing so, I consider their response suspicious. This is first degree incompetance.

Sweeping things under the rug like this is a way to grow strange weeds.

So, I have been set up in order to be knocked down. But, as there is no money involved, I just have to take the humiliation, the psychological injury, and the embarassment. Like a man (O.K, a neurotic old fart of a man).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am surprised you have not yet received any other comments to this perceptive and revealing blog-spot!! My comment:
Perhaps the SeaSymph wants to have an easy way to fire volunteers who are not sycophant slaves. Not let-ting volunteers know what they consider sexual harassment makes it easier for SeaSymph "staff" to fire volunteers on that ground; one canĀ“t protest about what one does not know; maybe some at SeaSymph are malevolently smarter than we give them credit for being!

Anyway, I happen to know the friend you mention in this blogspot, and he tells me that he has never (though was promised there would be one for volunteers) been invited to a SeaSymph seminar on what they consider sexual harassment. Seems volunteers are treated at SeaSymph as 3rd class citizens (guess who the 2nd class ones are!!) and somewhat less than sub-humans. I volinteer for UNICEF in East Germany, where I feel treated like an appreciated human being.

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