Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year

And a happy 2007 to you all!
Time for resolutions again. I'm going to try a new approach this year.
I resolve to be a complete loser and fail at every thing I try.
Couldn't be much worse.
Actually I haven't ever had much luck trying to accomplish things. My usual strategy is to just do stuff without any specific goal and see what happens.
It seems to me that any attempt to plan or accomplish stuff just confuses the matter, like struggling in quicksand.
It's the emotional involvement of taking things "seriously" that causes the problems, I guess.
But, I did have luck with my music last year, two performances, so who knows?
I am going to keep working on my concerto project (all the usual instruments of the orchestra from flute on down) I am presently at trumpet and a little bit leery of competing with Sam Jones' fine tuba concerto.
Actually This project started two(?) years ago or so. Several people liked the flute one, one of the people died shortly thereafter, and one person filed a harassment complaint because of it. I still think of it as a bad luck work.
Go figure.
It was partially based on that tripartite stone artwork in Myrtle Edwards park.
It has three movements, called, Cleft, Schizm, and Chasm. It's about the process of withdrawal into one's imagination as a response to social rejection.
Or some damn thing.
The first composition I ever presented was a set of variations on an origional theme that I recorded with a patch of my cat's voice (Heller, now deceased)
It was funny, and several people since then have requested copies.
Today, I finally managed to upload the mp3 on my Society of composers site.(societyofcomposers.org)
If I ever figure out how to link it, I'll let you know.

I failed at my goal of getting 1000 on my counter last year. Alas!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The third paragraph (sentence??) makes it seem like you are applying to become the new GM of the SeaSymph! And more than two people heard your flute concerto, and that third person is still alive.

2:31 PM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

That third person is an honered friend

10:12 AM  

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