Sunday, January 07, 2007

Friends, a caveat

I read in the Seattle Weekly today that all the Seattle Symphony brouhaha is still going on.
There is much ado about those who are "friends" of the company.
I remember when Ilkka Talvi was a "friend"
I remember when Paul Meecham was a "friend"
I remember when I was a "friend", basking in the praise.
I would advise the Symphoney's "friends to make sure that thier rear view mirrors are clean and properly adjusted, because the Seattle Symphony has an odd way of rewarding thier "friends"
SSO has no concertmaster, and no executive director, do you think they actually intend to be loyal to you?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "Seattle Weekly" (03 Jan. 2007) article was a real eye-opener! It is a MUST-READ for all "friends" of SeaSymph!!

2:27 PM  

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