Sunday, December 24, 2006

Not Funny

There are laws that require citizens to help victims if they can. This is the moral aspect to my dilemma with (her). The answer to the question; Why am I being abused?, is that my abuser has been abused. So what are the moral implications?
Why am I being involved in this ?
Practically, of course I can do nothing, which does nothing to relieve the feeling that I should. Or even the feeling that I have been asked to, in some unfathomable psychological way.

I feel diminished, that I have failed in some way and that I should feel guilty about it.
That of course, is the dynamic of abusive punishment, to make the abusee feel small, fearful, and somehow wrong.
My rant against the Seattle Symphony is, of course, my way of combatting those feelings.
I still, however feel like I'm being persecuted for the crime of empathy.
Anyway, whether I am full of it or not, I think that Christmas time is a good time to remember abused children, whether they still children or whether they are inhabiting their grown up bodies.

A Christmas Prayer for all abused people of any age;

May you all, among the gifts you recieve this year, find supportive friends and community, an understanding ear, and a caring heart.

May you find the courage to admit to yourself and to your family things that have been hidden too long.
May you recieve the most beautiful and valuable gift, your self, whole and complete.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

A GREAT BLOGSPOT!! Especially the part about the value of friends!!
The best gifts are not those at Christmas, but ones all-year-long: friends and well-meaning acquaintances and family -- and truly-collegial colleagues!!!

1:58 AM  

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