Monday, June 21, 2010

In between symphonies.

The Stool
This is not the ukulele I'm building or the hybrid Ukelele-violin I'm building, nor is it the mandora I built but am still working on.
No-sir-eee-bob, this actually has some practical use.

It was white, with many coats of paint, which I scraped off and sanded smooth before I painted it with thick hard hammerite enamel.
The top was a soggy hunk of pasteboard, which I pried off and replaced with a piece of veneer-faced plywood, which I sanded filled and varnished.

Looks sharp, eh?

M. has been painting the dining room the last couple of weeks going to great lengths to make everything right.
Even got all the doors to the corner cabinets to close properly, which wun't no pik-nik fer shure.

M. asked me about refinishing the thing so I did it!

Just heard a cry of surprise from the next room, M has been selected for an archaeological dig in N. California. She has been trying for one of these for a couple months and didn't expect.

Way to go M.!


Blogger G said...

Congrats for M!

Nifty looking stool.

I couldn't do DIY to save my life

3:21 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

More congrats to Miss Meredith,
cuz she will have a terrific
chance to do one of her dream
jobs. What kind of a dig will
it be? Dinosaur, anazati, Viking?
Anyway, after all the work you
did in the kitchen, much of it
yourselves, now to have the
living room squared away too
is boss bitchin'.
That would be "boss" and/or
"bitchin", whichever 60's
slang you prefer, and it is
not a slam on the boss who
very well might be bitching.
And "G" is correcta mundo
as well, THAT is one very cool
stool; LONG COOL STOOL sounds
like a rock and roll song
you might have composed in
1963, before the British
invasion, the Eddie Cochran
days, when Doug Mercer and
Friends put together a
band and actually had several
live gigs, enit?
My bronchitis is still keeping
me awake a lot at night, so
these last waning days of
servitude are "painful".
I am getting a strange mixture
of envy and disdain from most
of my co-workers now. It is
really time to exit stage
right ASAP. Thursday I will
give up my computer privileges
so there will be a very quiet
three plus weeks that this
blog and my own site and several
others will not be graced by
my presence. Although, Miss
Melva says we are taking our
new laptop with us, so maybe
I will get bored and get a
chance to use it on the road.

5:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane (+ M)!!
Glad to hear/read M got her archeologische dig!! LL also glad and sends regards to all!!!
This will be my last "comment" from Deutschland until August. Will arrive SEA-TAC 11.25 a.m. on 25 June and in afternoon at Redwing.
Tschüß (while I can still spell it that way here),

2:01 AM  
Blogger Jannie Funster said...

You have the lovliest stool I ever did see. I need to rid myself of seom soggy pasteboard too.

AWESOME for the Divine M. Much harder to depaint, than paint.

2:40 PM  

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