Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Grabbed a bus downtown, which we would have done anyway seein'zaz how the car is in the shop getting a front fender replaced, and trotted up the ave to Le Pichet for brekkers.
Had a wonderful meal of two oeufs sur jambon avec guyere fromage.
Later my hypochondria reacted to the caveat at the bottom of the menu concerning the inadvisability of consuming eggs in any condition other than fully cooked.
Didn't stop me and I am still alive.
The occasion is out annual celebration of Beethoven's birthday/ Holiday shopping trip.
We wandered around the Pike Place Farmer's Market and bought a lot of stuff to give to the folks we related to.
Mainly food cause they don't have to remember to have it on display whenever we visit.
Even if they don't want to eat it they can feel safe tossing it.
But how could anyone not want a pound on chocolate linguine?
The highlight of our peregrinations was the acapella quartet singing just across the street from the park.
Almost put me in a good mood.
This park has a name but I don't know it.

So that was fun.

After that, we had dinner at the Pike Place Brewery.
Crab stuffed salmon on a bed of rice and spinach.
And a pint of Pike Place XXXXX Stout.

M had a Kilt Lifter and shrimp.

Then we waddled up to 3rd and Union just in time to catch the #7 Prentice St. bus which ferried our weary butts to within a block and a half from home.

It was all downhill from there.


Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Hey, it's Friday, and all's right
in the world of blue collar/white
collar indentured slavery--or maybe
it's left. Got a nice sized crater
on my right upper back, took 12
stitches. Everyone sez to expect
a report of nothing but benign
cells left. Lab report will come out while I am traveling. We take
off for Texas on Sunday, so you
wonderful Savant blog followers
will have to do without my
salient and sage comments for
a bit more than a week. It is
terrific that we FFTL'ers now
have helped you to celebrate like
five or six of Beethoven's
birthdays. Luddy must get a kick
out of it. Still going to keep
us guessing as to what happened
to the Prius fender, enit?
Giving foodstuffs for the holidays
probably harkens back to times
or yore, when plastic wrap was
not invented, when technology
was simplified, when phones had
dials, phone numbers had prefixes
like cherry, oak, pine, cars had
bumpers and four barrel
carburators, dual exhaust pipes
and fuzzy dice and high school
tassles draped around the rear
view mirror, cloth seats, stick
shifts, when hair oil predated
hair spray, when razors had
real blades you popped in and
out, keeping the same razor for
eons, when button down collars
and Nerhu jackets were vogue,
when studs rolled their sleeves
revealing bulging biceps, when
girls wore pony tails and poodle
skirts, or wore no bras and mini
skirts, when muscle cars ruled
all the thoroughfares, growling
and laying rubber on every
corner, when pay phones in boothes
made sense, and we rode bicycles
and wore roller skates without
fancy helmets, when little kids
sat in front seats and survived,
when smokers were in the majority,
when Lucky Strike paid Lucille
Ball to pitch their coffin nails,
when Burma Shave had signs plunked
along the landscape, when Bogart
and Gable and Cooper were kings
and still making movies, when
Doug Mercer was not again Doug
Palmer, aka Lane Savant. You
remember those days, right?


6:11 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Yeah, those days. I rememerum.
I tolya about the fedner yesserday.
B9 cell? izzat as big as a D-cell?
Food for this time of the year iz cause therz nothin ta do this time a year sept wait for the sun to come back.

11:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane + Meredith!
We, too, gave East German food products as gifts to the LL's family in West Germany. East German products are rarely available in West Germany, but her two sons were born and raised there and still have a yearning for Spreewald pickles, Bautzen mustard, Riesa pasta, Saale-Unstruit wine, East German (not Nürnberger) gingerbread, etc., etc., etc.
The LL also wants to send her regards to Meredith, you, and Keth and looks forward to seeing you three on 3 February.
From both of us,
Anonomann (+ LL)

1:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane + Meredith!
How did you manage to catch the 7 Prentice St. bus @ 3rd & Union without being arrested by the Evil Empire's "Security" (Keystone) cops?????

1:52 AM  

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