Sunday, December 13, 2009


Got a cold.
Been zoning out on NyQuil and egg nog spiked with Wild Turkey.
Been sleeping for the last three days.
Gonna take the Prius to the body shop tomorrow.
The Bass Concerto is a magnificent piece of music.
Time to put it away in a drawer and forget it.

I am accomplishing nothing ans thinking nothing.

Bought chains for the car.
There's about four tiny snowflakes per cubic foot of air.
It might snow enough for the chains, but I hope not.

I'm now going back to sleep, hopefully to avoid as much of this dismal, totally useless time of the year as possible.


Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Gee, what happened to the Prius?
You had mentioned something about
only having one vehicle earlier.
Condolences on your virus. Most
of us are blowing our noses in
this super cold and dry air and
staining the tissues with some
flecks of blood; great time of
the year. Got up this morning
expecting the worst, and was
greeted with 35 degrees, and
fairly clear streets in Sumner;
clear but icy, tricky for driving.
When I scooted to the end of
512 and swung onto I5 I was
able to see the "snow", about
a half inch of white here and
there. Getting off the freeway,
all the side roads are ice skating
rinks, and some deeper snow.
Supposed to warm up, so perhaps
we have dodged the bullet this
time. We leave for Texas on
Sunday. Sometimes we miss a
snowstorm or two during that
week, but one time it snowed there
on the gulf coast in Texas.
Damned global warming, enit?
Is the Prius front-wheel drive?
Hopefully by later today, or
tomorrow your cold will ease up
on you. Must be nice to treat
a virus properly, and not have
to be at a job in the middle of
it. Soon, soon, I will know the
miracle of retirement, the
freedom, the 7 day weekend, the
eternal Saturday syndrome.
"IGGY SCROOGE" was great fun,
like a rock opera version of
the Christmas Carol. Bob Marley,
Buddy Holly, Elvis, Bob Dylan were the ghosts; lots of giggles, gefaws,and some laughs.
Seems to be something home-grown down here in Tacoma, so don't know if itwill be available up there in
the Big Town. Pal of mine loaned
me (3) foreign films to view
this weekend, none of which have
been released here in Tacoma,
BEN X, DREAMS OF DUST, and UNDER THE BOMBS, Belgium, Nigeria, and Lebananese. Sort of ate up my
Sunday while Melva sat on the
computer doing her Teacher thing,
and making more plans for our
vacation. I did some research
on vintage TV GUIDE covers, and
set aside several dozen for a
pictorial on my Home Mac. Of
course, like all nostalgia, those
covers are sold for big bucks
by and for collectors. FFTR
has over a dozen intricate and
complete pictorials on this
and that. Always have the fear
that I will fill up the quota
for the blog site, and have to
start a new one, but I don't even
know if that is possible.


6:06 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Tuesday, Tuesday, what is thy
purpose? To be second, or third,
depending on when someone
determines the week starts. I
consider Sunday the end of the
week; others consider it the
first day of the week. So
Tuesday is suspended in limbo
while folks figure out what
the hell they believe in.
Obama gave himself a B+ for
his presidency so far. I support
that view, though many faint
hearted red necked sombitches
in this country, who have memories
as short as their genitalia,
blame him, and point their
fingers at him. I knew it would
be a rough row to hoe, but damn,
the John Birch Republican vultures
are descending like a plague
of black wings and red heads.
Still, other than shooting my
mouth off now and again, I have
never been unselfish enough to
be a political activist; afraid
of the FBI, CIA, and Homeland
Security perhaps.
But this is America, enit?
I can be as active or inactive
as I please, and have those
rights secured by the Constitution,
like those NYC Muslims who go
on CNN and preach for the death
of Obama, for the death of all
and everything American, and they
have the right to preach that
lethal perversion as well.
What a world! I will go on
Thursday and let some Dermatologists cut a new crater
in my back, excorcising a
naughty mole who has misbehaved.
The older we get the more we
are aware of our glorious bodies
just being the husk we wear,
and it does not have perfect
parts; some more imperfect than
others. And that is about all
I have to bitch about this
fine 44 degree morning. Texas
is looming, and calling,
and beckoning for next week.


5:51 AM  
Blogger Blue Bunny said...

Sorry 'bout your cold, that suks.

hand sanitizer!!!!!!

10:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane and Glenn,
The computer kezzin the Landesbibliothek do not work todaz as thez should. The computer person told me so. Thus the dash kez shows this/,
etc., and the other kezs have problems, too thus when I tzpe a letter |whz| it comes out as a Z< just shown and a y comes out as a z.
Like Glenn, I wonder whz your relatively new Prius needs body work already?? I now know I must type a z to get a y and vice versa! And a _ to get a ?

I look forward to zour double bass concerto. Mz double bass friend here is healthz, in contrast to my string quartet friends who made my attempts to get your excellent string quartet futile.

2:27 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Another Hump Day is upon us,
spectral coition, humping
air and dust molecules, and
stirring up odd fragerences.
Wow, a heat wave, like 47
degrees, and only sprinkling
this AM. Feels more like Fall
or Spring; hope it lasts.
I finished the TV GUIDE cover
pictorial. It's cool, but I
had hoped to unearth some of
the others I fondly recall;
no such luck. It gets harder
and harder to find that old
paper, even with collectors
holding on to and peddling it
on Ebay. Pay attention to
blue bunny's advice, sir. He
has not had a cold his entire
life, of course his blue blood
may be resistant to most common
viruses come to think of it.
Did someone in a parking lot
bash into Herr Prius? I hate
it when that happens.
I have my mole surgery tomorrow.
Decided to take the whole day
off and wallow in self pity;
maybe catch a flick, or watch
trash TV for hours. Texas is
huge there on the horizon.
Can you see it? It is always
strange to be absent from
blogging for 8-10 days; feel
like I am missing out, or
letting folks down. Oh, we
creatures of delusion are so
precious, enit?


6:03 AM  
Blogger Friko said...

Bah, Humbug!

I'll blame it on that cocktail of medication, shall I?
And just to rile you even more, Here's a hearty 'Merry Christmas'.

Hope you feel better soon. These holidays always loom so much larger when we're running up to them then they actually turn out to be.

12:49 PM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Mindless sloth is my friend this time of year.
Drugs or viruses, I don't care how it happens.
I backed into a concrete post at a parking lot. Bent a front fender and scratched the door.
The compizzle in the libizzle in Germizzle seems to be on the fritzzle.

5:28 PM  

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