Monday, January 04, 2010

Money, money

First biznezz day of the year we had to sprint out of the house and head downtown to the King County Admin and give them oodles of moolah onacounta I forgot to pay the R.E. tax for second half of last year.

That was exciting, after that, the trip to the fabric store for some mysterious shenanigans involving drapery in the living room seemed positively mild in comparison.

I have had a month long break from writing music and I gottagetbacktoit.

You know, they say this is a new year, but it seems to be the same month as always.
Wasn't it January this time too?

I think it was.

I also took a month long or longer vacation from riding the bike.
I am getting fat.
And lazy.
And slothful.
And grumpy.
And sneezy.
And many other things.

Like a 3 CD set of historical recordings that were stuck in a vault by the French back in 1907.

Put all that together and whaddiyagot?

I seem to remember it ends with boo.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me and my pal Solly Gadoola wish you a merry new year and be careful crossing the street and stay outa dark alleys.

......Mitch Chikaboola

2:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said... never call anymore.


11:27 PM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

The beauracrats don't like it
much if you hold out your dough.
The R.E. Taxes are things most
of us just pay on one property.
As a R.E. magnate, you who owns
a pisspot full of properties,
then falls prey to the clammy
paws of Mr. Taxman; the County
type I guess. You gotta watchout
for those winter doldrums, and
latent lethargies. They will
hold you down like a playground
bully, and will not let you
up until you give up your
lunch money. Anonomann will be
on the premises soon, right?
My cold has worsened, and my
process has flared up secondary
to healing, vacationing, and
now this new virus. I am moving
in slow motion myself, like
I'm underwater; a million things
to get done, and with barely
enough energy to remember to
zip my fly several times a day.
Does Mitch know Vinnie too?

6:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Solly and Mitch are muscle for a gigantic entertainment corporation.
They and B. often hang out together (although there is no truth to the rumors).
Or at least, not much

Vinny is a "collections officer" for a smaller enterprise.
M. and S. know of Vinny but Vinny is very aware of S. and M.

Very aware.

B's first name is actually Bibbity.
and her last she changed from Bobbityboostein for some reason or another.

Solly and Mitch are often referred to as "S&M"

.....Dolt Wisney

11:01 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Stayed home yesterday with this
cold; slept 14 hours and do feel
a lot better this morning. I
am impressed with you knowledge
of the lower crime structure in
Seattle; just one of your many
talents, enit?
If things came off flawlessly,
then Anonomann is now back
in temporary residence at the
Redwing Manor, right?
Welcome back, sir.
I found a site out there
that had some great LOOK
magazine covers, like 100
of them to add to my May 2008
posting. Then, as you know,
I found all those great
NEWSWEEK covers. Don't know
why I am back on the iconic
and pictorial jag, but there
it is. I also stumbled onto
three sites that had copies
of dozens and dozens of old
Movie Magazine covers that
heretofore I had not unearthed.
It is another gargantuan
project for me to flutter
aways my time on. I am like
7 hours into it so far. If
I find time here at the office
today, I will start posting
them over on FFTR. I know how
much you like to "look at the
pitchers", so I am busting
my hump to provide them for
you. Can you dig it?
Nice commute in this morning,
37 degrees, no rain, no ice.
It was a Elton John/Beatles
event on the way in.


5:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
After your work on the superb "Concerto for Double-bass & Orchestra, you deserved a break!!!
Now the Concerto deserves a
Why do many composers have to die before their works get performed??
Hopefully, you and your music will not suffer this fate. I wish Vinnie would terrorize a few conductors into performing your music, especially the Double-bass Concerto!!!
P.S. From my inability to type that word with the necessary umlauts and s-zed, readers will realize I'm no longer im Vaterland.

3:58 PM  

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