Thursday, October 29, 2009

Went and got a flu shot Monday, or Tuesday.
Had some strange reactions.
First of all, I'm running a bit of a fever and my left arm fell off temporarily.
But the funniest thing was that my eyes sucked back into my head and switched sides so now my right eye is hooked up to the right side of my brain and my left eye is hooked up to the left side of my brain.
This sort of thing can give one a whole new outlook on life.

Today I took the video file of the salon performance to GT recording to get it processed onto a DVD.

I had to take David's recording because, once again, my recorder failed to bring home the file I know was on it when I left the show.
That's three times the little bugger has let me down.
400 bucks worth of fancy-schmancy equipment and it never works when I want to record something important.
It worked here, I recorded some trash noises, wind, rain, chainsaws and the like.
I combined tracks, I let it sit around for months and when I went to transfer it to my computer, it was there and worked fine.
But whenever I have something on it that means something, something that is the reason I bought it, it disappears on the way home.

It's a Fostex MR-8. I know people who have the same equipment. It works for them.
The "Sad Song" is recorded on that very type of machine.

But it don't work for me.

If it wasn't the story of my life, I'd get pissed.
Maybe I am.
But as it is I'm always pissed anyway so am unlikely to ever notice the difference.

Yesterday after lunch at Queen Anne, I ran into a couple of old friends on the street and had a nice conversation ("nice" meaning it was mostly about me and my pathetic triumphs).
Managed to get rid of a couple of CDs of my works in progress.
Still have a couple hundred left.

Should probably toss 'em.

Then I went to the local book store and bought Sherman Alexi's "War Dances"

The Sam Jones score showed up.

Ophelia is still in her nunnery.

Anyway, I don't feel much like blogging today, I'm still trying to get used to the eye thing.


Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Did you get the regular flu shot
or the super swine flu one?
Or perhaps both?
That would help to explain
the eye switcheroo deal.
Actually the optic nerves are
hard wired to the occiptical
lobe, back between your ears,
and the visual cortex is hooked
up to seven other places in the
brain to unscramble the code sent
to it by the retinas--but hey I like your version of events, and
yes putting foreign substances
in the body does affect one's
perceptions, so that dose of
flu virus will shake things up
I, of course, since I am the
autoimmune victiom of molecular
mimicry, cannot get a flu shot,
for it will keep up a shitstorm
of symtoms with my CIDP. So
I just have to roll those dice
and hope for the best. I am
fighting that cold that is
going around; still coughing
lots at night, and trying to
function on a couple hours sleep
per night. It really is Zombie
time. Sorry to hear about your
tempermental GT recorder. Is that
a camcorder sort of? I'd love
to see the DVD when I next
grace your presence and do some
hang and face time there at
Redwing Manor. Wait a mo, you
mention recording sounds, and
combining tracks. If it is a
sound recorder, what are you
transfering to a DVE, rather
than a CD? I am such a Techno
dummy, I know.
Thanks for reminding me about
WAR DANCES. I ordered my copy
off Amazon this morning. Even
though I still actively
transfering the poems from
FACE onto FFTR. Damn there
just isn't enough hours in
any one day, is there?
Plan on lazying around this
week end and get caught up
on my sleep. Probably means
I will suffer a bout with
insomnia on Sunday night, so
that Monday will be bluer
than ever. We are having another
national certification look
at us next week; everyone is
stressed out to the max.


6:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hay dummy, dat would be DVD, not DVE der! Youse is not onley a stupidhead bout techno stuff, youse
is a lousey typist too.


6:30 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Actually David's recording is on a little tape cassette, GT is going to put it on DVD (DVE, if you've got long fingernails) I will then re-record it into a .wav file on my computer which I can then convert to an mp3 so I can post it on my little widget. The DVD itself I can post on my mytube site that showed up one day with out my knowledge and is named for part of my old password.
How utube got into my password, I dunno.
Anyway I think that's what might happen.
Stay tuned.

8:39 AM  
Blogger Friko said...

saw your comment on Being Miss; it made me laugh a lot so I came over to see who did that to me, I do so prefer to be miserable and rave and rant.
After reading your last post I'm still laughing, curse you.
I know all about the miseries of musicians, I'm married to one, ex now, though, musician, not husband. Too arthritic to hold a viola. There'll have to be a post on that soon, It's such a nice tear-jerker.

1:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane & Glenn!
Sad to hear about the results of your flu shot, Lane!!
And Glenn, you and I are lucky, as we can't get that poison; I because of an alergy to eggs.
To both of you: There's a German herbal mixture called Metavirulent that is VERY effective in nipping colds, flu, etc. in the bud if taken early. It has worked GREAT for me (and the LL).
We both send our regards to the dwellers of the Means-Palmer man mansion on Redwing!
P.S. Hope you didn't forget to vote (I suspect Meredith would not let you forget; GREAT!!).

4:33 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Wow, four years you have been
at the helm of Ship Savant.
Kind of impressive that. Actually,
I guess I have been piloting
FFTR for almost three years
now....will wonders never cease?
Thanks for the herbal tip,
Anonomann. May have to check
that out. I always vote through
the mail, absentee; lots cleaner
and efficient that way. Of course,
it does bug me that even though
all the counties in WA are going
that way, that the votes may
not be tallied and counted as
properly or quickly as those
on the voting machines.
Finally got sort of caught
up on my sleep, and kicked
deprevation's butt over the
weekend. Melva and youngest
daughter went up north shopping
at one of the outlet Malls on
Saturday. I had an Amelia Earhart
holiday, watching the sub-par
Diane Keaton TNT version first,
and then on Sunday heading off
to watch the Hilary Swank new
super deluxe version in the
theater on Sunday, directed by
the fabulous Mira Nair, it already
is generating Oscar buzz for Ms.
Swank. They gave her more of an
overbite, kind of a horsey
look, and she does look a lot
like the real Amelia, Lady Lindy,
the Goddess of Light. The real
shining star of both films was
her last plane, the Lockheed
Liberty, all shiny aluminum and
heavy rivets, with racey red
stripes on the twin tails and
wing edges. Richard Gere was
very effective in the new one,
even though Bruce Dern was a
close second in the TV film.
I'm gearing up for the TFC
screening to THE MISFITS this
Friday. Lucky me, I have a
medical treatment that day
as well. We are having a team
of reviewers coming to the
office this week, so everyone
is stressed to the max, hoping
we can maintain our government


6:02 AM  
Blogger Blue Bunny said...

i leeks the chanesaws soundes beste.

and my jannie haz one chanesaw now, but she tored off the end of teh roof and my jimmy all mad wit her and she say she bin the in dog house, but she really in the reel house, so i sees annuder ixample of she not knowing too mush stuff.

1:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
Could you please tell us (esp. Friko) which of the Back-Months in the right column of your blog deal with your treatment by the SSO, so he or she can read a fuller account of all the sxxt they have thrown your way (sxxt is what dogs do on sidewalks in Germany, but, thanks to "doggie bags", not in Seattle).

6:56 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Anonno, the story is posted at various times and in various versions.
Try searching "story" or "the story"

8:41 AM  

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