Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Even if you don't have earphones, you can still push the "Become a fan button"

It's just to the right of my face on the widget.


Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

While here at the office,
when I looked in the right
margin there was just a blank
space. I thought it was a
Palmer joke thing. But at home
with my Mac, I spied the actual
widget, and played with it.
Big Brother does filter out
so very much from his PC,
and since I spend so much more
time here on the computer than
at home, I miss a lot. I
noticed this on Jannie's site
too. Of course, for some of
us we could not be more of
a Doug Palmer fan than we
already are; that would be
beyond the realm of even
plausibility. But I do agree
with Jannie that your widget
is one fine critter. I like
the pic on it better than
your present avatar. Did you
ever fix the head cutting
aspect of your posts with
said avatar? Emily, Eddie,
and many others seemed a
little vexed by it.
Melva's birthday dinner came
off smoothly last night.
I assume that the TFC meeting
happened without me. I am
waiting for email confirmation
relative to that event.
Love hearing from Anonomann.
He's about the only expatriote
that I actually am acquainted
with. I get off early today,
rush home and pack, and Melva
and I rev up the Camry and
roll on out for Pac Beach, to
set up the house on the ocean
side, to get ready for the
family and friends that will
show up over the next couple
of days to celebrate the
BIRTHDAY BASH. Weather will be
kind of wet, but that just means
more card games, movies, and
fellowship, enit?
On Veteran's Drive, on station
this morning, four racoons
crossed the road, and would
not clear it, so I had to stop
for them. They sort of surrounded
the front of the car, and would
not leave even as I beeped the
horn; little assholes--still
remind me of the Carl Barks'
Disney characters, the Beagle
Boys, always wearing their
criminal masks.
A few mornings ago, when it
was pea soup foggy, I encountered
a three point buck, his doe, and yearling between my car and the
building; that was kind of
freaky too; wild critters coming
at me out of the fog, kind of
a John Carpenter version of the
walk in. I have a ton of work to
complete this morning so that I
can take some time off, so probably
this will be the only site I
visit, of course.


6:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!!
I've tried to push the "fan" button, but it won't accept me without a valid E-mail address. I remain a fan of yours, but unqualified to join the official list.

3:24 AM  

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