Friday, April 10, 2009

You load 16 tons and waddya get?

A week of accomplishment.

Volvo runs again.
Hedge is trimmed.
A platform for M's beehive is built.
The violin has it's second coat of varnish.
The Van has been emptied of it's 950 pounds of scrap metal for a $35.00 profit.
(M's glasses were damaged during the unloading, but were easily fixed)
A decent bike ride was rode.

I forgot the change in my class schedule and missed my weekly music education.
Got to the store several times to keep the home larders properly stocked.

And I have a sore back from moving a pile of old tree limbs to clear the way for the tree trimmers to clean up the apple tree and the giant sprawling laurel that defines the south border of the property.

Today I'll have to cut and sort the wood being cut.

This report is being brought to you by the makers of Ben-Gay.
Soothing warmth for your muscular aches.


Blogger butch said...

Three cheers for Msr. Ben Gay, who is a cousin to Ben Dover, and we old duffers all know about him. For a retired person you certainly seem to stay busy with chores aplenty. The Volvo is ready now to be sold and make her exit stage right. Perhaps the hedge is happier now with its new doo. The violin loved your fingerprint in the wet varnish, making it unique, and now you ruined that by sanding and re-varnishing.

Son-in-law Joel was over today and gave me some more word processing lessons, which I needed badly. Perhaps now I can link properly back to sources over on FFTR. My butt is still smarting from the ass reaming I got from Sherwin Bitsui and Allison Adele Coke Hedge. Bobby Byrd send the copy of WHITE PANTIES, DEAD FRIENDS back with a very nice note and signature in it. Truth is I have been a loose cannon over on FFTR for years, probably violating and breaking laws like crazy, and many others just have been tolerant of my ignorance and arrogance, enit?

Can you put a beehive so close to your house without worrying about the odd stinging episode, or swarm? How long did it take to save up 950 lbs. of scrap metal? Did M's frame get bent, or a lens get popped out, or what? If you and Fidelio went on a ride, can we conclude that once more you have wrenched your to success? Do you pay for a quarter at a time for your class, or per class? Either way, it appears that you screwed the pooch on that one, sir.

I have shifted my focus from FFTR over to the Tacoma Film Club Annex, adding jpgs of movie posters to articles, comments, and announcements of screening. It spruces up and classes up the site something tremendous.


1:19 PM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

The beehive is a few feet from the big tree with the swing on it.
It is full of friendly bees who don't even make a fuss when
I run the lawn mower around their abode.
The varnish was still wet enough that the print disappeared by the time it dried.
There is another coat drying as we speak.
There are more than enough unique touches on my violins as it is.
Don't need any more.

Actually, one of my first tries, I gave to a girl who played something for me at the salon.
She told me later that it had a better sound than her expensive store bought one and she used it all the time.

Frame bent.
Group health straightened it out for her.

That load was half of the ton that accumulated over the years.
We forgot to get paid for that load.
Sic semper metallica mundi.

Quarter at a time.

I still say, if you are copying and pasting, you are not really changing anthing.
On the 'net is on the 'net.

Fooling around with somebody else's line breaks is a different matter.

But What do I know?

4:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
Sorry, but not surprised, to read of your muscle aches and pains from garden work; I and (especially the LL) know what you mean, but that's the price one has to pay for a lovely garden; I suspect your nice neighbors and Water Street (Heather and Ethan) would agree, but they have a beautiful garden in front of their house!!
Anonomann (+ LL)

2:21 AM  

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