Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Day in the

got up this morning and found that my nose was running, so first off, I had to go catch it.
Second off, I ate breakfast.
Meredith had to go downtown to get her fingerprints recorded again for a school volunteer job.
Apparently the Renton station doesn't always get that right.
How tricky can it be?

Thirdly I went on line and checked my sites.
Nobody was calling my string writing fantastic this week so I logged off.
Better luck next time.

Fired up the music computer and listened to the 2 violin concerto can't seem to think of anything else to do to it, so I turned that one off and turned on my Duke Nukem computer.
Which got boring pretty fast.

So...I went downstairs to the workshop and polished up the two violins I'm building (one of them is a pochette, a small violin that can be carried in a pocket, hence the name. Dancing teachers used to carry them in their pockets to the houses of the swells who paid for that kind of stuff for their daughters) I managed to get them both smooth enough to stain and as a consequence, they are drying as we speak (type).

Pictures sooner than you might like.

It is M's birthday today, so we're going out to dinner in an hour or so.

One more picture from the trip;

Soon we will be able to view the wonderful happenings at and around Heceta head and it's marvelous lighthouse.

This weather is bugging me, I want to ride.

Maybe tomorrow.


Blogger butch said...

Ah-hah, the mysterious figure in the gortex red shell makes a downstage center appearance! Wow, you even updated your Master of the Blog pic as well, taking the more dramatic face shot and replacing it with this one. I really became used to the old one, which was a vast improvement over the first one, the side mug shot thingy.

Perhaps you can post a pic of the new violins after they are finished. You never bit on the bid to make Jannie a ukulele. What's up with that?

Speaking of fingerprinting, I have to go spend several hours up at the Admin office this morning, begging them to first recognize that I am, in fact, who I say I am, who I have always been (for one thing an employee in this shithole for over 23 years), and might have to fill out pages of new applications, take a short arms inspection, have a proctology exam, a blood test, a urine test, a sanity hearing, and have my feet nibbled by flesh eating fish, and perhaps throw in a colonoscopy for the hell of it--in order to renew or replace my name badge.

I got an email from Sherwin Bitsui, who couldn't help but notice that I had posted dozens of things from his blog. Actually he was very kind, but he did request that I cease and desist from such behavior in the future. A case of a real poet telling a mock poet to shape up. I agreed to dummy up. I ordered his book, SHAPESHIFT yesterday. I might pull some stuff directly out of that, and see if that will fly. I always secretly hope that my little postings of other's works will be flattering and positive experiences for them, if they discover them; but not always the case, enit?

Yes, we can hear Fidelio spinning her front tire, and snorting from way over here. It snowed a bit here yesterday. Is it supposed to be spring now? I still had ice on my windshield last week.

No mention of April Fool's day in your posting....did it just escape your notice? No practical jokes occured here at the office, but I was consumed with alacrity regardless.

Melva and I are cranking up the Camry, and headed out for Vancouver Island this afternoon, hoping to clear Everett before it's traffic jam at 3-5pm. Probably have lousy weather, but hey, this is the Northwest.


6:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Meredith (+ Lane)!!!
Happy birthday, Meredith!!!!!!!!!!!
LL + Anonomann

1:37 AM  

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