Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More Oregon saltwater

The Hobbit trail

The Hobbit trail

The Hobbit trail

The Hobbit trail

Where the Hobbit trail leads.

The Hobbit trail is a few miles south of Yachats and just north of Heceta head where one of the last operating lighthouses still works.
It's a national park and it is being restored as we speak.
The coast trail leads from the lighthouse and connects to the Hobbit trail.
It's a four mile round trip from the parking lot at Heceta head.
More pictures later.

The weather here in Seattle is cold and damp with the sun peeking through every once in a while just to rub it in.

"You want to ride, don't you" it says mockingly, "Why don't you, you wimp, afraid of a little cold'n'wet are ya?"

The 2 violin concerto is at the point where it doesn't get better after hours of work.
So I guess it's done.

A local blogger who attended the Cornish's "Drums along Pacific" concerts made a wish that someone write a concerto for strings and crumpled paper.
Apparently as a joking comment on the various and sundry instruments used at the concert.
Brake drums, garbage cans, coffee cans, etc.
Now, is the winter of my considering that absurdity.
When you start to think about it, all the different kinds and weights of paper, from
thick card stock to fragile tissue, and the different sounds you could get by crumpling the stuff in different sized containers, why the imagination is made glorious summer.

Which is something the weather seems unable to do.


Blogger butch said...

Finally some pics of the mysterious stranger in the red gortex shell. Odd though, he does look a bit like a Hobbit there on the trail. Little four mile hikes are easy for those oldsters who are fit. I haven't been able to walk four blocks in 15 years, sniff, sniff, envy, envy. I have wanted to walk that 5 mile hike into the ocean beaches from Lake Ozette, to view the sea stacks and beauty of it. Friend of mine, on that walk in the rain, slipped on the log path and broke his arm, and had a hell of a time getting out of there to the hospital.

Our Canada trip is almost upon us. We are pumped up about it. So far, and it has been a month, I have not misplaced my passport yet, and that is remarkable considering I have misplaced it several times over the years.

I am waiting for the return of my WHITE PANTIES, DEAD FRIENDS book from Bobby Byrd, all signed and stuff. Then I can transcribe some of the marvelous poetry onto FFTR. My adventure with Sherwin Bitsui is winding down. I am running low on his archive entries. Man, that lad can write. He is so good that it makes me a) want to write more myself, and/or b) never write again.


5:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I assume that "it" refers to the stalwart Fidelio in your comment.

......Eddy E.

5:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane (+ Meredith),
The Hobbit trail looks inviting, especially when it leads to a nice ocean scene!

1:40 AM  

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