Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We've just hired a girl named Maria

I've just swiped this from a link to NYC posted by Zach Carstensen on Gathering Note

  • Gathering Note

  • But it’s the New York Times that comes closest to what appears to have happened:

    Last summer the orchestra’s music director, Gerard Schwarz, named a quartet of violinists, including Ms. Larionoff, to share the post, saying “it doesn’t make sense” to have one person, given the length of the season. On Friday Mr. Schwarz called the arrangement a “tremendous artistic success” but said Ms. Larionoff, the associate concertmaster since 1997, would take over. “The way she has embraced this new position speaks volumes about her remarkable talent and ability to lead the orchestra,” he said. Tom Philion, the executive director, said the other three players — Ani Kavafian, Emmanuelle Boisvert and Frank Almond — would continue to appear with the orchestra.

    What’s not answered is the question of where Ms. Larionoff sits when one of the other three is present. If she moves to second chair (or even sits home on paid leave), then what really has changed?

    And what about tenure? She was tenured as a member of the orchestra. But concertmasters in Seattle don’t have tenure; they are concertmaster so long as the music director wants them to be, and no longer. Did she give up job security in exchange for a title that doesn’t really change how things work?

    There’s clearly more here than meets the eye, or at least the eye of the press. What is clear is that this doesn’t resolve the Seattle concertmaster situation. Instead, it looks more like a face-saving way to continue along the same screwy path that the SSO has embarked upon. Which, given the balance of power within the SSO, is not really a surprise.

    I added the italics
    Screwy is the word all right.
    I would have used "un"-balance of power.
    Not a lot of mentis composition there.

    As Gerry himself says "it doesn't make sense"

    Who's to argue with him?

    Anyway I've been told that my letter to the editor of the Seattle times will be printed tomorrow.
    It's not about the SSO

    It's about the New Yorker



    Blogger butch said...

    There it is...neener-neener SSO. Your insights and detective work and espionage regarding the uberlords and trolls at SSO never ceases to amaze me--but then I amaze pretty easily when it involves stuff I am mostly ignorant of. But, from my perspective, any dude who reads both THE NEW YORKER magazine, and THE NEW YORK TIMES, and can write to one regarding the other while still residing in provincial logging town in the north woods is remarkable to say the least. You will, of course, post the letter you are having printed, right?

    I suppose security goons are a necessary evil for most large corporate concerns, or the rabble would take over, the ingrates would rule. But the moment SSO sent its goons out onto the sidewalk to harass you, then by God they stepped over the line. Somehow, sometime, SSO will either crumble like a decaying corpse or a poorly constructed structure, or implode from noxious fumes emitted from the rectums of all the assholes who call the fifth floor sanctuary. And that's all I have to say about that.....at this time.


    5:28 AM  
    Blogger Lane Savant said...

    The New Yorker magazine printed a cover that showed Michelle as Angela Davis and Barrie looking like (Nehru, as far as I can figure)
    The "conservative nut jobs have been throwing a fit about it, even though it's obviously satire.
    Michelle Obama as Angela Davis???
    The joke's on the bigots, 'cause the way the really think.

    11:30 PM  

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