Saturday, July 12, 2008

Little yellow flowers

Looking out my second story window this morning I saw some cheery yellow-faced flowers staring at me.
More than just staring, they were sneering, too.
My second story window!
This has gone on a little too long.

I decided it was time for some dandelionecide.

Went to the garden garage, fired up the Honda, which promptly ran out of gas.
As I was taking the gas can down to the station, (no titanium spy plane fuel here either, in Seattle) I noticed several bike riders with number tags slung around their necks. Hmm....must be STP.
As it was 10:00 AM the bulk of the riders were way far south by then and these people were riding slow, I thought that they might be easy to pass up and decided to ride my bike later, when my final solution of the dandelion problem had been effected.

Back to the house, I fired up the Honda and commenced a Pearl Harbor on the little florabuggers.

Now the yard is all green (and brown, mostly brown) and democracy reigns again.

I began my ride in the exultance of victory, and headed south on Rainier hoping to catch up and pass the aforementioned stragglers, but to no avail, I passed no STPers

Rode to the end of the pavement on the Green River trail, 16.1 miles, at an average speed of 14.1 (actually made it to the south end of Renton airport with an average of 14.9.


Distance 32.5 miles
Time 2:27:52
Average speed 13.1 mph (I live on a hill, what I get going out, I give up coming back)
Maximum speed 34.9 mph
Accumulated miles 568

Now I've got to go and help get rid of a large Norway rat with a damaged spinal column that the cute little kitty of ours has dragged in.

Aspice Quod Felis Attraxit, indeed.

Would that I could express the excitement I felt at last night's concert.
(or whatever, I don't do emotions)
I've never heard Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition" live before, and was duly impressed.
From hearing it first on record in it's Ravel orchestration, where I was Impressed,
To a recording of it on piano (where it belongs) where I was really impressed, I've gone to hearing it live and up close, and have entered the "duly" level of impressment.

Andrew Armstrong played it (fingerstrong, too)

That was the recital;
After that, the main attraction started with Uncle Ludwig amusing us kiddies with;

"Quintet for piano and strings in E-flat Major Op 16"

Proceeded after a change of personnel to;

Ernst Bloch's "Three nocturnes for Violin, Cello, and Piano"
Joaquin Turina's ""Circulo...." Fantasia for Violin , Cello, and Piano, Op 91"

Then, after a brief intermission;
Franz Schubert's evergreen "Trout Quintet"

AKA "Quintet for Piano and Strings in A Major, D.667.

For an intelligent read about Schubert(t) go visit Jeremy Denk's site "Think Denk" (to your right under "Blog party revelers")
Jeremy played piano on the trout which is much more difficult than playing it elsewhere, on a salmon, for instance.

I've been trying to get out of mentioning the names of the other musicians out of an ambivalence as to whether I'm doing them any favors by doing so on this infra dig site

But what the hell,

Piano - Andrew Armstrong
Violin - James Ehnes,
Viola Cynthia Phelps,
Cello - Ronald Thomas

Piano - Adam Neiman,
Violin - Amy Shwartz Moretti,
Cello - Robert deMaine

The intermission we did ourselves.

Piano - Jeremy Denk,
Violin - Stefan Jackiw,
Viola - David Harding,
Cello - Bion Tsang,
Double Bass - Jordan Anderson

Loads of fun and there are three more Friday's of the stuff.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll be back...
..........Arnold Schrarzenflower

5:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My family, my children, my whole life, gone!
They never had a chance, no chance at all to make all those pretty little tufted flying seed pods!
I can't bear it!
................Andy deLeone

5:58 PM  
Blogger butch said...

I didn't know that without your glasses out your second story window, you could even visualize any of the DeLione family. Are you hyperopic, I can't recall? I was thinking your were myopic all these decades.

Melva and I had a rousing visit at the Palmer Palace overlooking the blue blue of Lake WA, discussing all the gifts our cats drag in for us, or leave on our porches. Great adventure there with the lawn cutting and dandelion whine-ing. I guess you will have to design a new video game about a titanium spy plane that will fly right down the main street of whatever city designated, blowing our windows, shattering ear drums, going through red lights.

Sorry I missed meeting Anonomann. He shall remain an enigma, and living anonomy, for some time to come. We did get a ten second glimpse of Keth, before he retired to the upper decks of the palace.

The Whistle Stop is still a fine establishment, with overpriced sandwiches that beg for more condiments, and gracious waiters that put up with all sorts of absurd comments showered on them from the customers. I did not see Emily or Eddy or Poo there, but then again, they are hard to see on a good day. 93 damned degrees though, way too hot for Renton any time. Thank the temp gods for air conditioning in our Camry.

Those Friday night concerts do sound incredible, and much more reasonable than the overblown stuff you might see and hear at Benaroya.

I had not heard that it is already time for the STP. Where does the time go? Too bad you could not have caught up with some of those tight-wearing, numbered punks. You would have showed them what the back of your thighs look like; no doubt. Punks on bikes is not as bad as dykes on bikes, so they tell me though.


5:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the edges of your grass,
there is plotting
against your arrogant ass;
for we of the Deleone family
can clearly see
it is total war,
for us on you,
from our very core.
You do not seem to understand
and that's because
you're just a stupid man;
that flowers too
have the right to rule,
even if it's just on the likes
or your lawn.
And what Arnie said.

Dom DeLeone

5:30 AM  
Blogger butch said...

Great quote today I found:

"Yes, God is like me, only more so." Norman Mailer

Find more of his wit and wisdom on FFTR today.


8:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Glenn!
I enjoy being an enigma!
Anonomann (a.k.a. "Enigmann")

4:26 PM  

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