Tuesday, July 15, 2008

SSO continues harassment of innocent composer

Earl Scruggs plays at B-hall.
Earl Scruggs the master of the banjo I love his music as much as I love the Cajun or Zydeco or the blues.
But I can't go.
I can't go because an SSO employee decided to spend two years complaining to the 5th floor morons-in-charge that I continued to exist.
Meaningless complaints that led me to be the victim of vehicular intimidation.
That somehow led to the SSOs lawyer sending me a snotty little letter threatening with arrest if I so much as walked on their side of the street.
Sending their security doofuses to harass me on the street while talking to a friend.
(a gross misdemeanor according to an 1896 law)
At the same time as the SSO was sending me letters thanking me for all I had done for them and inviting me to spend a little more money, inviting me to will them my estate, for Christ sake.
According to the Mayor's office, there is a 6-month statute of limitation on my ability to complain about this injustice.
But it only applies to my ability to complain.
The SSO can continue it's prejudicial actions forever.
It's time to dissolve the SSO and find some intelligent people to form a new Seattle Orchestra.
One that we could be proud of, instead of reading what a hostile and toxic atmosphere exists behind the "Berlin walls" of Benaroya.

Copies of the aforementioned correspondence can be found under "Chutzpa" on this site.

As if you cared.

SSO has finally decided that Maria Larionoff is to be the new concertmaster, a decision that has been obvious since before they defenestrated Ilkka Talvi and as obvious that Joshua Roman was not going to put up with the Fascist regime there.

It becomes clear to me that intelligence has mass and therefore weight as it always seems to sink to the bottom of any social construction, leaving the air-headed and those with circular digestive systems to float to the surface and block the light of the deserving.

In other news, idiots are complaining about the delicious slam on bigotry on the New Yorker cover.

As Lily Tomlin is reputed to have said "No matter how cynical I get, I just can't keep up"



Blogger butch said...

N O W thatismoredamnedlikeit!!!!
This is a class rant, that hits all the high points of your civil suit, not, and you threw in Earl Scruggs as frosting. Personally, I like banjo, but it gets real close to Dixieland sometimes, which I dislike with the likes of Rap. Zydeco is howling and harmonica and the accordian, and I like it, but much of it sounds the same to me. Course there are those ignornat folks out there, myself included, who think that all the Blues sound the same. What a ridiculous assertion! There are 50 kinds of blues.

But if it were not for this sterling blog, I would be a dunce about opera and classical music; which I still am, but I have learned lots trying to keep up with the cultural postings and hip musical lingo.

But I was under the impression that you could attend a concert at Benaroya, but not wander the halls of the building, and shit like that. The stipulations from the lawyer included you literally not setting foot on their property at all under no circumstances? What horseshit is that? Maybe that lawyer, and most of the people involved in the Palmer Screw Job are now deceased or transferred or defunct.

But now there has been an SSO rant this week and all is right with the universe of Savant, enit?


PS: I just finished an incredible posting of classic ROLLING STONE covers on FFTR. Dig it, and enjoy.

12:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane et al.,
So Maria Laironoff (sp?) is the new sole occupant of the outer first chair of the first violins (a.k.a. "Concertmistress").
SIGNIFICANTLY, her husband, UW-Prof. Lieberman, is the head of a conductorless orchestra, "The American String Project". Could his wife introduce the same idea with the SSO and do away with the 5th floor in addition?? That would help solve the SSO's money needs with out having to beg people they won't allow on their premises to remember the SSO in their wills.

4:10 PM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

I was harassed off the street at 2nd and Union by SSO security while I was talking to a friend.

This is the bit about depriving me of my right to normal "social intercourse"

Anomann, check out the post about Maria on Gathering note.
There are some interesting comments

9:16 PM  

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