Thursday, January 18, 2007

Aspice Quod Felis Attraxit

That's the name of the composition I wrote.
It was my first public performance.
I have linked an mp3 of it.
Aspice mp3
And some others.
Nightmare Prelude mp3
Sad Song mp3
Celebration mp3

Check it out at my profile.
It is a set of piano variations as sung by a choir of cats. Amazingly enough, all parts are sung by the same cat! Her name was Heller. She sang under various pseudonyms, Felinious Monk, Catgang Mozart, Bela Barcat, and Pawpaw Haydn.
She is now deceased.
The music is based on a theme of Darius Meow. Catalog is Garfield listing 9L. The choir is the usual SATB; Siamese, Alley, Tabby, and Bengal. The Bengal voice is especially entertaining. The Siamese voice is so virtuosoistical you will be tempted to think it is a mouse, but it's not.
Actually, getting this voice requires a surgical process that has become obsolete for humans, but is actually recommended by the animal control people for your pets.
Heller is not the cat in the drainpipe drama, that one is Polalie. Polalie is as recovered he can be and is doing well enough.

The pictures for the snow blog can be found at;
My Space

I'll link more of my music as soon as I figure out how. It's not all silly cat singing.

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