Wednesday, December 13, 2006


All right, the P.O.S put the trees back. The point is being made that the holiday, as celebrated here, is actually a secular one, related to harvest festivals and the accumulation of fat and warmth for hibernation.
There are very few horse drawn sleighs in Israel. Being a country located on an inland seashore only about that far from the equator, there is probably little snow. I want to say something about evergreen trees, but the phrase Cedars of Lebanon comes to mind.
Maybe there used to be large conifers there; before they were all sacrificed as burnt offerings in religious rituals.
Couldn't have been anywhere near as cool as ours, though.
Somehow, the concept of a burning yule fig dosn't do it for me, especially doing it while sitting in the middle of the desert
Anyway, I've got a solstice party saturday the 16th and it's causing a bit of a dilemma because it's Beethovens birthday and I usually stay home with the blinds drawn, light some insense, burn an ox, and pray.

Actually, it's nonsense I light, that should be obvious.

I was trying to be ridiculous in my last post when I hinted at anti-semitism at the SSO, but I wonder if it could be more a territorial thing. You know, "I'm the Jew around here, pal, buzz off".

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