Sunday, December 10, 2006

Rainier Symphony

Last night we went to renton's IKEA performance center at Renton High School.
Listened to Duo Patterson: Roxanna Patterson (Viola) and Ronald Patterson (Violin)
play Mozart's Symphonia Concertante in Eb. I don't have the musical sophistication to be a critic or even a reviewer, but I thouroughly enjoyed the performance and my spirits have been lifted. Maybe S.A.D. is not due to a lack of light but a lack of music.
The orchestra also played some Strauss and some Leroy Anderson
Also, they played The Radetsky (I don't know how you spell that)March.
What's with that?
I know it is a holiday favorite and all I see (hear) it on the telly broadcast from Wein every year. Why?
Any way, the last half of the program made me want to dance. Even thinking about that embarasses me. Fortunately, there was no dancing.
The Rainier Symphony has a show coming up early next year that my wife wants to go to.
Unfortunately, they're doing it at Benaroya.
I am afraid that if I let her go by herself, the Seattle Symphony Orchestra will try to murder her. There are some truly irrational people there
She has suggested that I shave and sneak in.
We'll see.
Well, that's all in the future, for now, have happy holidays and support the arts.
There are lots of other wonderful groups here in the Great Pacific Northwest
Auburn Symphony
Federal Way Symphony
Orchestra Seattle
Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra
Bellvue Philharmonic (Well; Bellevue is, know )
Lake Union Civic Orchestra
Northwest Symphony Orchestra
I got all these names from my composition teacher, who seems to think I should be submitting scores. Maybe, but my tolerance for rejection has been used up for this year. Also, maybe it's just paranoia, but I fear that What's her name isn't finished with me yet.
As Lane Savant once said, we'll see.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

1) The "Radetzky" (sp.?) march is from Johann Strauss' pro-war operetta "Gypsy Baron" and is played every New Year because it is bouncily up-beat.
2) The capital of Austria is Wien, not Wein (an alcoholic beverage, wine in English).
3) Ron and Roxanne are great musicians! Ron is Prof. of Music at the UW. Foremrly, he was Concertmaster of the Monaco Symphony -- until Princess Caroline's chosen conductor didn't want one of the Chosen People as his Concertmaster.
4) Keep up the good work!!!!!!

2:32 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Wien!, and I thought I was being so smart. In a related joke, I've always wished that John Kennedy had delivered his famous Berlin speech in Wien.

7:49 AM  

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