Monday, December 11, 2006

More Christmas infantilism

Just the other day;
A local Rabbi politely asked Sea-Tac airport (Port of Seattle) to put up a Menorah along with all the Christmas trees.
In order to avoid any controversy, the port responded in a mature, understanding, spirit-of-Christmas by pulling down all the trees!
Blame it all the Jews!
What a sensitive reaction!
Now the Rabbi is getting hate mail from all around the world.
Way to support diversity, P.O.S.
I know the feeling. I guess that's what being "chosen" means
Thanks for our Savior, Schlomo, now scram!
Feel free to laugh
You know, my grandmothers name was Rosen, maybe that's what the Seattle Symphony Orchestra has against me.
I guess that's what being "chosen" means
In the meantime Eric Elnes, a preacher from Barry "Nuke 'em 'till they glow" Goldwater's home state is attacking a video game that has "true believers" murdering off the dross left behind after the "Rapture". I feel the crosshairs on my neck allready.
Eric Elnes is trying to change the way the world sees Christianity. Lots a luck, Eric
As you all know, I play "Duke Nukem". (no applause, please). Anyway, in the pursuit of staring into the flashing lights of my computer screen and trying to imagine that I am sombody who can carry, oh, say about 300 pounds of weaponry while still being able to leap 15 feet straight up, I have often downloaded .maps built by "Christians" every one of them consisted of lots and lots of weaponry and absolutely
no other challenges. No puzzle solving, no treasure hunt, no mazes, no clever graphic tricks,
Just mindless slaughter.
John Wayne.
With a 50 caliber machine gun.
Wading through the enemy.

Of course the enemy, in this case is those of up too stupid to see the obvious fallacy in this "dinosaur" business.
I feel more crosshairs on the back of my neck.
Where was I?
Of course, I already have one Christian bullet in my back. Still, I offer my hand in friendship and love to all, even her. (Except certain ones still working at Seattle Symphony Orchestra, know who you are).

You know, I just proofread this blog and noticed the title.
For Christmas,
How appropriate.

Feel free to cry.

People argue about who killed Christ. Sarah Silverman claims it was "The Blacks"
They are all wrong. Mel Gibson did it, and he took pictures!!

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Blogger Lane Savant said...

Oh , yeah, if you are interested in helping Eric get rid of this game, or if you want to help "change the face of Christianity, try my link to "Proper Study'

4:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very good blog, esp. re: SeaSymph!

2:18 AM  

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