Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Usually My winter depression is in full swing by now.
Instead, it is only now starting.
The human contact of blogging seems to help.
Having something to do that doesn't involve going out into a dangerous world is better than staring at the walls.
I do enjoy my composition classes, though I know I lack the talent and whatever it takes to be a "success", it is a chance to talk to somebody about something interesting.
I still technically believe that courage is a useful way to face fears, it also is a way to get yourself damaged.
Courage is for taking chances, chances are a way to lose, and someone loses every war.
So, I wait out the dark times and hope things are better when the sun comes back this way again.
I've got more instruments to post as soon as I can get them photographed.
I am now off to my class, and maybe a coffee at Ladro.


Blogger Leann said...

Hi guy hang in there winter goes fast.there are others here to get you through the time.vent if you want and do what you can to keep busy.write a book,God gives each of us talents.use them in this slow time.I use to get sooo depressed in the winter.but one fall the Lord healed me of it and it never hit me again.what helps alot is having alot of light around you.my father suffered with it and the Doc gave him a light to use, it helped.the light is less in the winter and we need the sun light to stay healthy.so once a day or more get some place where you can get at lest 2 to three hours of high light.hope this helps.God bless you,and merry christmas.you can by the lights they aren,t too much.

11:53 AM  
Blogger Deborah said...

Hi, I did see both your comments on my blog (comments are automatically e-mailed to me). :-)

I think the best (or I should say, "most effective") way to get blog readership is post something about the Newfoundland seal hunt, ha.

12:12 AM  

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