Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More about 19th century mechanical engineering.

Another bike trip.
34.4 miles
9.69 avg
33.5 max
600.1 odometer + 1307 = 1907.1
This post is an official splog posting to be used for official purposed only.

Got totally pooped out at about 21 miles, stopped on the waterfront and watched the boats for awhile.
Last time I made this tyrip I was hooting along Airport way at 12 to 14 mph and rode all the way up Ryan way.
Today it was all I could do to keep it at 10 and I took the longer path up M.L.K. to avoid the climb
I am so ashamed of my wimpy self after all those Spanish bike rides I've been watching on the telly.



Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Maybe you've just cooled down
too long between times astride
steed Fidelio?
Maybe it was an off day?
Maybe you will never ride
all the way up Ryan way
Nice that you found some
in-between weather and
could take a ride.
You are still on the Vespa
as your primary mode of
transportation? Does that
include your forays to
downtown Seattle?
We had a spirited group
discussion last night for
the film club; but discovered
that on 9/20 the asshole
Tacoma city fathers have
installed parking meters
downtown, and since our
meeting hall is downtown
we will lose some folks
who do not want to pay
to park. It is just one damn
thing after another as Yogi
used to say, Berra not Bear.
Maybe one day next week
I can see if I remember how
to drive to Redwing Manor,
and we can do diddly squat
together for a day?
Might be fun.
Might not.

9:47 AM  

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