Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hey, composers

This is a great post by John Adams.
It's about learning to be a composer.

Hell Mouth


Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Adams is a hell of a writer. Are his compositions any good? Probably
are, enit? Are many of the
incidents he cited things you
have encountered while trying
to make a recording of some of
your own compositions? The only
two composers I know are you
and Alex, so I may, as a naive
and ill-informed music cherry
boy, be impervious to the work
of others, regardless of their
success's or accolades.
My meeting went off without
a hitch last night, smooth
as velvet, the scotch or the
cloth. I stayed out extra
late because I had decided
to stay home this morning
and catch up on my sleep.
I will do that for the
May & June film club nights
too. Why not? What are the
bosses going to do about it?
I am in the NO KILL ZONE
for sure, and it feels A-OK.
I had lunch, or did lunch
with an old pal today, on
the way into the office.
Three hour days are a breeze.
I am getting the itch to
look at some used cars before
I retire. My Isuzu pick up
has 201,000+ miles on it,
and although it is running
OK as a commute vehicle, I
would not try to drive it
to Spokane, or even Portland.
I have to discuss this pipe/
day dream with my Miss M,
of course, before considering
it for real. For I am a well
trained husband and mench. Or
is that Yiddish word "mensch"?
Don't remember.

3:01 PM  

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