Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ridge runner - splog

Fooling around on Beacon hill and Chief Seattle Trail.

Nice ride.

12.28 miles,
1:30:01 hours
Avg speed 8.1 mph
Max speed 31.2
227.1 + 1307 = 1534.1



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!!
More statistics! How about biking simply for fun????
While you and Meredith were on your trip, I finally had the opportunity to give your spicy clarinet caprices to Heiko Willimczik and your double-bass concerto to Karsten Lauke; earlier tries were foiled by their not having duty at the performances I attended. So far, no feedback from them.
You did not give me a copy of the DVD and score for your Concerto for Two Violins & Piano. I also know a violin couple here; he (like Ilkka) is the ex-Concertmaster of the State Orchestra here, and the spouse is a first violinist in said orchestra. No hurry here; I can get these items from you when I'm in Seattle (approx. 25 June-26 July).
All the best for your compositions; and for good health for you, Meredith, and Keth.
P.S. I finally found out the origins of the parting greeting of "Tschüß"! During the years Napoleon occuppied part of Germany, the parting greeting was "Adschuess", which then became shortened to "Tschüß".
P.P.S. The LL still hasn't received an e-mail as to what additional info you need on me for the Census -- or do you need it, as (1) I was not in the USA on Census day (1 April 2010), and (2) I am only 2-3 months a year in the USA and 9-10 months in Deutschland.

2:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, again, Lane!!
Thanks for erasing our axchange about the Census info!!
Herzlichen Dank, und

2:21 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

You know it is strange for me
witnessing any level of physical
problems for you. All those many
years we have known each other, and 1959 is a while ago, I have
been envious of your "good
health". You've never really
been overweight, and have able
to do things physically that
I was incapable of. Now, as
Father Time ticks our lives
into the autumn of our years
you are suddenly, or perhaps
not so suddenly, plagued with
high cholesterol, some stress,
anxiety, borderline hypertension,
indigestion, and God knows
what else. Yet all things
considered, I have the disabled
placard hanging on my rear
view mirror, walk with a
cane, have to have my Miss M
mow the lawn, and here you
are back in the saddle,
romping over those ridges
atop Fidelio. I have fought
the battle of the bulge so
often, secretly (even you
used to joke about this)
I hoped that you might
develop a little pot gut
and join the Archie Bunker
set. But no, still slim
hipped, flat bellied, and
able to ride at a moment's
notice. So what the hell
is my point? I have none.
Just shaking my head and
looking at the aging process,
and waxing nostalgic about
the 50 years we have known
each other, enit?

5:43 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

We've sent in the census form.
You weren't here on April 1 and that's what counts, I guess.

8:53 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Thursday it be, mates, and
still early enough that the
daily Savant rant has not
graced the postings yet.
Good to hear loud and clear
from the stalwart Anonomann.
It is great that the Doug
Palmer compositions have found
their way to Europe, and that
Anonomann is promoting them.
Doug might be the new Jerry
Lewis of composers; more
popular in Europe than in
America. Stranger things have
happened, enit?
10 more weeks until the
shackles of employment are
taken off permanently.
June 25 is right there. I can
see it circled in three colors
on my government calendar.
Can you dig it?
I certainly can.
My diet has kind of leveled
off, as weight loss often
does. It is bizarre to have
lost 30 pounds and people
have hardly noticed; to have
moved from being morbidly
obese to just being obese.
After that I will move into
the fat bastard modality,
and then into the old fat
man, and then into God knows
what. Oh well, it gives me
something to do, something
to accomplish, right?
My Miss M has decided that
we need earthquake insurance,
which will more than double
the cost of our Pemco premiums,
but she is probably right that
IF the big one hits, and our
home is in a shambles around
our knees, it will be nice
to have the ability to rebuild
it. Forget about flood insurance!
Christ, they really stick you
for that crap. Looks like we
might get some good weather,
especially Saturday, for our
trip this weekend to Pac Beach.
Another couple of our friends,
and their pooch, will join us.

6:05 AM  

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