Thursday, February 25, 2010

How's that bikey, Sploggy stuff workin' out for ya?

Aright, Didn't really feel like it but did it anyway.
11.14 miles.
9.7 mph average.
36.1 max speed.
1:08:54 hours.
189.4 + 1307 = 1496.4. total since I started counting coupla' years a go.

Jissasec gotta go back and check the earlier splogs. Make sure that's right

Seems to be in line with the rest of the spec's.

No monkey butt.

Akchully today has been a full one.
Up early to get the basscon score to Kinko's.
Bike ride.
Clarinet practice...'nother hunnert years, I'll be ready for twinkle little star.

More laundry.
And now this.

Didn't go anywhere scrambled eggs just to class and back.

O.K. I had a cuppa 'n' donut or something at Peet's
Forgot to go to the bank.
Forgot to go to the store for bread.

Hey! that's two places to go for bread.

Bread...Money...Bread...Get it?

Ha Ha

The Chilly Hilly 33 mile bike ride around Bainbridge Island is Sunday.
Season opener, so to speak when yer spoken to.

Not gonna do it.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
Enjoy biking on our uncrowded peninsula while all the other bikers are ovwrcrowding Bainbridge!
P.S. The LL greatly appreciates your hospitality (and use of your guitar) while she was here!!!

4:08 PM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

It almost seems like I can
read Japanese. The commentor
wrote something about making
your schlong longer, and
something about your Mama.
I feel so blessed.
I hate it when you ask someone
how they are doing, and that
is their response:
"I'm blessed, thank-you."
It always makes my blood boil;
don't know why I want to wipe
that sanctimonuous smile off
their smug lips, bitch slap
them, or choke them down,
but there it is.
Started getting a cold settling
in yesterday morning at work;
multiple sneezing, copious nose
blowing, burning in the throat--
and our Chinese intern, Phoebe,
whipped out some Asian tea
and forced me to drink five
cups of it over the day,
and damned if I don't feel
better; crafty critters those
Asians. I asked her to pick
up a bag of the stuff for later.
I had considered taking today
off to nurse the bug, but now
here I sit at the office.
Hell of a deal.
Hopefully, you found a couple
hours yesterday when it was
semi-sunny. I can see you
now in your speedo shorts,
biker's tights, extra thick
socks with red stripes on them,
and that Nazi helmet you like
to wear. Do you glasses fog
up from sweat as you really
get to pumping it?
Going to go on a Movie watching
marathon this weekend,
extending into Monday, what
with Melva in Texas, and I
am several manly man movies
behind in my hunger for cinema;
like the new Mel Gibson flick.
Are you going to watch the
Academy Awards? You know it
hooks me annually, and this
year the TFC is having a
party on Broadway, and we will
have a pot luck for 40 folks,
and watch it on the big drop
down screen, projected off TV.
With Steve Martin sharing the
host duties with Alec Baldwin,
it should be a hoot.

5:38 AM  

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