Thursday, December 03, 2009

Here's some Moore about Christmas

Night before Christmas

As written by Old Father Hemingway


Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Very timely, sir--some James
Thurber doing his twisted best
to emulate Papa H as he re-
interpretes a holiday classic.
I posted it over on FFTR, and
put one of the original
Jesse Willcox Smith illustrations
above it, from the original
library edition, enit?
Well, hell, we made it to Friday
and I have the TFC Christmas
Party to slog through tonight.
Melva will attend, bless her
pointed little head. Damn, it
was 25 degrees this morning
near the shoulders of the foothills
there in Sumner, took ten minutes
to scrape ice and run the heater and defrosters. I had my Friday
morning Mickey D treat this
AM; that wonderful McSkillet
Burrito and yogurt parfay.
It got real foggy over here
by the lake; probably so at your
hacienda too. I had sent a
Christmas card to Tom Theurk,
remember him, and he lives up
in Everett now. I guess he
retired last month. He calls
it "pulling the pin", which
conjures up all kinds of imagery.
As I have the IV in my arm
today for my monthly medical
treatment, I will reflect on
your Thurber Christmas piece,
and all the joy you have provided,
and the laughs, oh yes the laughs,
over these many years. You work
harder than Woody Allen; probably
are more prodigious too. Too
bad you don't have his dough.


6:22 AM  

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