Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Lookin' out my back door

The moon is big and orange, but the flash does a nice job on the tree.

So, anyway, I just got back from a faculty recital at SPU.
Got to hear J.S.Bach's Suite No.2 in D minor, BWV 1008 for solo violincello.

Played on a Double Bass!!!

It was well enough played and interesting to hear, but, the Double Bass doesn't really have the tone quality for those suites.

Also on the program was W.O. Smith's Quintet for clarinet and string Quartet.
This is a piece that was played at the last salon. I was so full of myself then that I didn't hear it properly.
I heard it properly tonight and found it fascinating, rhythmic and playful.

Like it.

After that piece all the youngsters left.
Missing out on a fine set of south American inspired works for Flute, Piano Bass, and percussion.

Reception afterward.

I didn't know anybody, so I took two chocolate chip cookies and left.

Pretty good day, actually.
The these kind of clear skies during a full moon sometimes make for nice pic-ops.

And sometimes .......Snow!!

We have no chains for the Prius So if it does snow, I have an excuse for not driving in it.
Hopefully not before the weekend is over, 'cause we've got a play tomorrow night and the ballet Saturday abend and more stuff Friday and Saturday noche.


Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Yeah, that moon, that full moon
has perked up my mornings for
several days now, lighting up
my way like a yard light; making
hair grow on my ears, making my
fingernails grow inches in minutes.
Well, yeah, fall is getting tough.
It was in the 20's both of the
last two mornings, with my pick up
doors almost frozen shut. So brisk
that very soon one forgets that
they have aches and pains and
didn't feel like getting up and
heading off for yet another day
of being a wage slave; bracing,
one's breath mist so thick it
steams up the glasses and clears
the sinuses. Had an odd meeting
the other night picking films for
January, but still came up with
the theatrical feaure, THE YOUNG
VICTORIA with Emily Blunt, and
BROWN with Judi Dench, and BRICK
with Joseph Gordon-Levitt; nice
juxtoposition, themes, variety.
Have you heard snow in the
forecast? I did not realize
the threat was already upon us.
Had a fast ride on this Beatles/
Elton/Floyd morning. No racoons
or deer to dodge on the way
through the darkness to my
building. Friend Rick Mobbs is
coming back to the surface after
a six week hiatus, and his site
should sport some of his new
postings. Can't believe the
TFC Christmas party is already
here. Looking forward to checking
out John Cameron's AVATAR soon.


6:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
Considering that you live on a steep hill and that it was snow-covered last year, it might be good to invest in chains -- just in case. Hopefully, however, the good side of global-warming will mean no snow this year. So far, there has been none here in Schwerin (unusual for December).
Anonomann (+ LL, who, as usual, sends regards to you, Meredith, and Keth)

3:00 AM  

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