Wednesday, August 12, 2009

San Juan Island

We leave early tomorrow for SJI, see the fair, talk to Robin and Robert and have a good time by all.
Today was the use use use usual.
Going to have to change the ritual soon, I expect.
But it is good to have something that resembles a commitment, even if it is only being lazy in a different place.

The latest bit of music to fall out of my head is nearing completion.
six lighthearted pieces for clarinet and piano.
I'll make mp3s soon and post on Facebook.

Other than that.....

Actually I'm getting a bit full of music, and instruments, and the back yard, and computer games.

Wish my volunteering experience hadn't taken a weird turn south.

But what the hay, I'm easy to get along with.
As long as there's still chocolate chip cookies.

Got a new appointment to donate blood.
Feeling a bit more ferrous.

Nobody has ever asked me to donate sweat or tears.

I've been producing a lot of the former lately.

But not the latter.

I'm too white to sing the blues.

I'll leave that to the people know how.


Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Oh, the secret is out--
not only do you know
Alex Shapiro on SJI,
outside Friday Harbor,
you also know Robin and
Robert! Now that is way
past cool. Maybe you can
give Alex a hey while you
are up there checking out
crafts at the fair, and
slurping stew. Oddly, the
several times I ever visited
the San Juans, I always ended
up on Orcas Island. I have
never been to Friday Harbor
or San Juan Island. And now
that there is a chance to do
so with the golden years of
the permanent vacation on the
horizon, I no longer can stand
the lines at the Ferry Terminal.
Lines, lines, damned lines.
Lot of people sharing this
sphere when it comes right
down to the nut cutting.
Have a terrific time, and give
Robin a hey from me. It looks
like the weather will warm
up a bit just for you and
Miss M. Got pretty excited
yesterday, when I dropped
into Cortney Bledsoe's blog
site, and he had posted like
10 of the poems that will
be included in his next book,
RICELAND. I posted them over
on FFTR promptly. I am kind
of amazed at the volume of
poetry that I'm finding written
by Scott Malby, the poet who
lives down in Coos Bay, or
maybe Eugene; cuckoo's nest
country, enit? Wonder if the
Ken Kesey bus is still there
somewhere in the woods of
Oregon? I was able to find
in your unique expressions
and prose on this posting
to post a ditty called
FFTR. Not a lot of white
blues singers to post an
image of. Stevie Ray Vaughn
died young, and Johnny Lang
is like 23 now, so the threads
of connection were hard to
put in alignment, but I dug
it anyway. Another Palmer Poem
for posterity, pat and posted.


6:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Meredith + Lane!!
Have a great time on SJI!!!
Enjoy the stew -- and the view!!!
Tschüß (enviously),
LL + Anonomann

4:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
I, too, am sad the cuckucks on the 5th floor ended your volunteer services (many different services!!) on the ground floor!!!
But, as the Germans say, "Glück im Unglück" (= "Fortune in misfortune"). Why not volunteer at Seattle Opera on John St.??
SEA OP not only has a congenial staff, but also free parking at street level on the roof over their offices. The only reason I don't volunteer there rather than at Looney Land is that I don't have a car to park on top of their offices (easier to get to Looney Land by bus!!).
Best wishes for your new volunteer experience at the Land of the Sane!!

4:11 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Anonomann has a great suggestion.
If you do not volunteer
at the Seattle Opera, what
about those smaller organizations
that you frequent for concerts?
Being old has its advantages
at last. I received notification
from the hospital in Texas
that my couple hour visit to
them in early July will cost
$2,000--for someone. I called
Group Health, and they laughed
on the phone, explicating that
now that my Medicare is kicked
in, GHC is the primary care
provider, and Medicare is the
supplementary, and that they
too have their copies of the
bill, and mostly of all, I
am completely covered, and
there will no fees for me
at all! Now that is way cool.
Rick Mobbs challenged his
readers to respond to a couple
of his "image prompts", two
of his earlier paintings that
hang in his friend's home in
South America. That kicked
Mr. Creativity in the can
and I managed to write a little
sompin sompun, called
check it out over on FFTR,
not far from the Palmer poem
intrigued with the writing
of my latest patronage on
my site...poet Scott Malby.
There are no pics of him
posted anywhere. For his Bios
in the many cyberzines and
chapbooks he has published
in, he uses pics of famous
folks, like one had an image
of Jefferson Davis, another
had an abstract of Christ.
Some of the data shows that
he is a prolific and talented
poet who lives in poverty
and obscurity somewhere on
the Oregon Coast, perhaps
Coos Bay. This mottled and
mantled privacy thing creates
all kinds of notions in my
head as to the kind of guy
this is, or possibly even
gal--though the poems are
mostly masculine in tone.
You and Miss M. will get some
overcast and showers today
on your trek north to SJI,
but tomorrow should be a
lot nicer, more sun and fun
at the Island Fair after all.
I have a medical treatment
today, and then a TFC screening
tonight of TEXASVILLE. Melva
reminded me that for the past
several nights, through Sunday
I think, there are meteor showers
in the sky at night, the annual
ones that hit in mid-August.
Some friends invited us to go
up on Mt. Rainier, to Paradise
Lodge, and attend an event.
There will be telescopes set
up. I think you bring your own
chairs. I hope that works out.
Looking forward to the Palmer
Island Report next week.


6:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Glenn!!
Welcome to the wonderful, WONDERFUL world of Medicare!!!!
Obama should braden health care to all under the Medicare system!! I could not afford much of any medical treatment before reaching 65, and I suspect it is the same for other people. As you see with Group Health, private and government share the costs, so that should warm the cold hearts of those private-enterprisers who don't like Obama's plan!!
Anonomann (from the Socialist part of Germany; my city has a Socialist mayor, who also happens to be a woman, and does a GREAT job -- and will probably be re-elected when up, in contrast to the probable fate of Seattle's "Hizonner".

9:22 AM  

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