Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm back!!!

O.K. I did ride hang on a sec while I log the specs...

Miles 32.86
Avg spd 10.1
Max spd 37
Time on the trail 3:13:57
Total miles on the new counter 65.1

I would not stop for the stop sign -
Tho it kindly stopped for me -
The motorcycle cop gave -
Some advice to me for free -

Do not do that again she said -
In a stern and serious voice -
Because it is a law young man -
It is not a choice -

So I saluted and capitulated -
And promised never again -
While, in my head, the words ran free -
Fat chance, cutie pie -
Fat chance.

Actually, what she said was "try stopping next time" and I waved and said "OK, I will.
You never know, there might even be some traffic there next time.

I guess I'll have to throw in a picture, jissasec

Heres a bunch of trees;



Blogger Mariana Soffer said...

So you traveled for a while, why don t you go back and keep traveling a little more, find some more of those marvelous trees you showed us in the picture, at least that is the advice I will give me to myself

10:26 PM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Are those trees that appeared
as you rode? Do you take a
camera with you? I suspect
those trees were just part
of the piles of pics that
you have lying about, enit?
The pic that goes with BEEF
STEW is grand beyond measure.
When did you have locks of
such length? If that pic
had been on the last page
of the now defunct LIFE magazine,
where we are supposed to
post the title, it could muster
up some rather scatalogical
references! Are you and Miss
M headed for Friday Harbor
on Thursday to see the Island
Fair, and the wonderous Miss
Shapiro? That would be boss
cool. Good on you. I am envious
yet happy for you!
Your encounter with the female
member of the constabulary
has found its way to FFTL, of
course, with the title,
DICKLESS TRACY; great pic with
it too. Weather cooled down
just fine, and I guess you
and Fidelio made it home before
the mists of Renton and Avalon
began to gather? It certainly is
wet this morning here in the'
South Sound. Have to attend my
second full day of Retirement
Seminar today, and then truck
on down to Tacoma for a TFC
meeting tonight. No rest for
the big boy. Melva made it back
to Maine and will arrive
victorius at Sea Tac in the
early afternoon, with her
pocket full of postcards, or
her digital camera jammed with
memories, ready to talk my
ear off regarding the fun and
landscape I missed out on.


6:12 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

The trees are in the Bloedel reserve on Bainbridge island. There are more of them in the blog archives.
Not only did I not take a camera on the ride, I also forgot to take water.
Fortunately, one id never far from a 7-11 or a Starbucks.

10:31 AM  
Anonymous Robin said...

Great trees. Glad the Stop sign was doing its job, and hope you didn't get too much of a bump on the head - though I know you would have been wearing a helmet (are they compulsory there? - they are here) - R

5:10 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Hope the deluge/mist/showers
ease up some by Friday when
you and Miss M head north
by northwest to the San
Juans, to partake of both
the Island Fair, and the
beef stew brewed up by your
"friend" from Facebook in
Friday Harbor. Fidelio is
lying low during the rainy
days one assumes. Gives you
more time for your reading,
composing, instrument building,
and quality time at the spank
bank, enit? Been a few weeks
since I dropped in over on
Sherman's web site. Sometimes
he links to a new poem here
and there. Lazy me I have not
even finished reading FACES
yet; good poems per usual so
far. After 6-7 poems with a
new poet, like Scott Malby
over on FFTR, I start to get
into the flow of their
communication. Some of them,
though, like Cortney B. just
keep changing up perspectives
and genres, so that one is
constantly off balance and
in a state of awe. I was
cataloging the other day
and I think since day One
for FFTR, there are over
50 Palmer Poems on there.
Kind of impressive, even
though 95% of it you do
not claim as "poetry".
I did so love the era of
Twitku, as long as it
lasted. When you get bored
enough one day, perhaps
you can give the multitudes
a treat and print up one
of your several plays,
one scene at a time, once
a week or so; kind of like'
the old Saturday Evening
Post serializations. Your
site is the perfect vehicle
for such things. Then again
after I retire, I might
type up some chapters from
my three unpublished novels,
enit? Melva is home, and
tending the home fires as
we type. There were several
references how the bulk of
20009 has become "The Glenn
Show" with TFC. Perhaps it's
semi-true or bang on. In 2010,
the year we make contact, I
probably will begin to delegate
more, and back off, and have
more fun, and less stress;
mice and men, making plans,
listening to God laugh, and
all like that.


5:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
Glad you were stopped by a KIND cop, not by a car crashing into youi as you red-light-ran. The LL is also always concerned when driving a car to avoid crashing a careless (fellow!) bike-rider; my main job as passenger is to lookm out for such bikers.

5:43 AM  

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