Saturday, June 13, 2009

WEEK, and a few of my favorite things

After the bike ride on Tuesday,

showed up. So I dealt with that by going to my favorite Queen Anne coffee shop, my favorite Queen Anne grocery store, my favorite downtown coffee shop, (where "Happy Birthday" was sung by the folks running the place to a friend [I assume it was a friend] who walked in), my favorite downtown branch of my favorite library, my favorite composition teacher at my favorite Community College, one of my favorite movies (Key Largo, which featured Tonto before he was even Jay Silverheels as one of the ill-fated Osceola brothers and some skinny little girl [not bad lookin'])

followed like Thursday follows Wednesday.
I somehow mistakenly mentioned to M that the quilt museum in La Conner was having a show which featured some especially fantastic work on their third floor. So we drove there and looked at it.
Was good.
Dropped in on her brother who lives in Bow.
Drove up the Skagit to look at the hillside garden behind the hydroelectric plant and to walk up (climb up) the trail along the waterfalls.
Drove home the same day.
Got pictures, not processed yet.


followed like Thursday follows Wednesday also. There seems to be some kind of pattern involved.
I got many hours work in on the cello concerto and a couple hours in on the clarinet Rakett (see above picture) that I'm building for Stuart Zobel, a friend from my Soundbridge days.

Watched "Mirrormask" an interesting mix of live, puppet, and computer generated imagery.

And now it's

which follows nothing.
And I gots to moe the lon.

The picture is of the Rakett, my Buffet, the mold for the Mandora project, two different kind of masking tape, various tools and an old pair of pajamas.


Blogger butch said...

How about that Paige
from the previous comments
dropping in from Funsterland?
Ain't the Internet wonderful?
A new surprise around every
click and key stroke.
I did google Doug Palmer,
and of course, I popped up
a mayor, a real estate salesman,
a lawyer, a boat charter owner,
a cop, and an Indian chief--
and only one pertaining
to the actual you, a blog
site you set up like three
years ago connected somehow
to the American Composer's
Society or something.
It was cool to find it, along
with all the mp3's linked there.
Poet Marian Hadded emailed
me yesterday. When I saw it
was from her, I had that sinking
feeling, oh here we go again,
another irate poet of renown,
a published poet chewing
my ass of for using her poems
and likeness. But to my complete
surprise, the message was warm
and fuzzy and friendly, and
my jaw ached from hitting
the table. She is good friends
with H. Palmer Hall, and noticed
that I had posted a few dozen
of his too. She thanked me
for doing such a nice job of
promoting fellow poets.
Sherwin Bitsui eat your heart
out, dude. There are poets
out there that are receptive
to getting some attention and
praise. H. Palmer Hall, yet another
in the endless line of cool
Texas poets writes very
powerfully. He is an editor of
the Pecan Grove Press. I do
have a fantasy of having a
chapbook of my poetry
put together one of these
years. Who knows?
Really neat, sir, that you
caught up on three days posting
in one fell swoop. Trip to La Conner
did sound like fun; caught some
good weather too. Was Jay
Silverheels really in KEY LARGO?
I will have to look up his
name in the credits, as one of
the Osceola brothers.
Cannot wait for the waterfall
and hike pitchers, enit?
MIRRORMASK is a very interesting
and kind of disturbing film.
Great graphics combined with
weak writing leads us into
dark places. I have decided
to do a David Carradine
pictorial posting over on
FFTR. Check it out next week.


6:12 PM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

What! There's something you didn't know about a movie?
A Bogart movie?
Well he looked and sounded just like Mr. Silverheels, but we didn't check the credits.
Spent roday mowing tyhe lawn and fixing the mower (dirt in carb, new blade) and working on the Rakett.

8:50 PM  
Blogger Jannie Funster said...

Speaking of moe, I likes larry.

And I was quite naughty and tagged you on this post, as Paige has let you know.

Sorry. :)

As to that butch guy, why not promote fellow poets, eh?

heh, heh.

6:12 AM  
Blogger butch said...

Dang me, what marksmanship, Dougie.
That was the (uncredited) Jay Silverheels, and his pal Rodd Redwing playing the Osceola brothers in 1948. Good detective work, good eye, nice deductions.
The composer's society web page,
how long has it been up?
Do you still add to it?
So you have a Facebook page,
a Twitter page, a YouTuge
page, two blog sites, and
a very old Italian wench
to ride, enit?
My birthday was quiet,
went to breakfast with
friends, went to dinner
with family; received a
packet of venison and
buffalo jerky, and some
beef pepperoni from youngest
daughter, a new ball cap
designed by son-in-law from
middle daughter, and a wake-
phone call singing happy,
happy birthday from the
oldest daughter. My birthday
present from Melva, of course
was the Garmin GPS unit we
played with two week ends
ago. It is less fun than
I hoped it would be. It
talks and sort of calculates,
but it cannot reason, and
it makes dumb ass errors.
What did I expect, it would
be sentient? Who knows?
I am still smiling over
the warm response I received
from Marian Haddad. Hey,
I am coming up on 3,900
postings over on FFTR.
Have I lost my mind?
I selected the 50-60
David Carradine jpg's
to use, but did not yet
have time to post it
and put it all together
for you all. I watched
and was surprised that the
macho hero was played by
the shortish Michael Sheen,
quite adequately, the same
Michael Sheen who played
David Frost in Ron Howard's
FROST/NIXON last year; which
I watched on Sunday. It really
has some sting to it.
Based on the play done on
the London stage with Frank
Langella and Michael Sheen,
of course. I was a bit
saddened that Douglas is
not more well represented
on the Googleness click. Usually
just making comments on other
blogs get picked up too.
Is it because Lane Savant
gets the credit according
to the computers?


6:13 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

I've got to renew my membership in the American Composers Society. Thanks fro the reminder.
Fidelio is French, if that's the wench of which you speak.

9:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
Hope the quilt show was as scenic as the Skagit (from the photos shown on your subsequent blog)!!
The instrument you are making for R. Stuart Zobel looks interesting; how does it sound??
You and Stuart are members of a distinguished group: Excellent Soundbridge staffers whom that institution was stupid enough to fire for stupid reason (Stuart went off with the keys too often for Brian). Please say "hello" to Stuart when you see him. Thanks!

12:16 PM  

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