Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fidelio gets hot and wobbly

9:00 to 1:00 today.

Ride the Cedar River;

35.6 miles,
3:24:44 hours,
10.3 average speed.
1248 total miles,
Temperature 73 to 84,
Cooler by the river on the trail lined with trees, moss, ferns, rosebush hedges and the Maple Valley highway.

Some welcome shade. A lot of it.


Maximum speed 63.4 I doubt it.
Computer glitch, I guess.

1:00 to 5:00 today

Asleep, tired, rubber legged, eck setra.

The wobble in the pedal shaft has been diagnosed (loose nut on the pedal side) and will adjusted as soon as I recover.

Or later.

The chain shield I made worked fine, chain stayed on for the whole trip but I still got greasy fingers from fooling with the loose bearing.

Some day I will have a clean trouble free ride.



Blogger butch said...

Ride, Fidelio, ride--
she of the sleek physique,
of the throbbing seat,
of the shaky chain,
of the greasy bearings,
of the tough pedals.
Wow, and there it is.
How did you get out to Maple Valley, drive there and then ride, or ride the whole ways?
I have just completed
another five minute week end,
and I pine for the 7-day
weekends right there on
the bright horizon. How about
this weather? Makes one happy
to live in the Northwest
when it behaves more like
the Southwest, enit?
I presented friend Ruby,
the breast cancer survivor,
with her (4) Chevron Breast
Awareness toy cars, and now
she has the complete collection,
probably worth 500 bucks.
She was thrilled, happy, weepy,
surprised, elated, and I
felt terrific about working
so hard to get those for her.
We took Leslie, middle daughter,
out for her birthday dinner,
some Mexican restaurant in
Auburn, and all went to see
GOODBYE SOLO, which turned out
to be an excellent, albeit
unconventional drama that
posed more questions about
life and death, immigration,
communication, then it
answered. It should spark some
fine discussion on June 17th.
I had a quiet day in the cool
of the basement, within my man
cave, working on projects, getting
caught up with the TFC
announcements and such. I keep
a journal on the progress,
or lack of it, within the
TFC, part scrapbook, part record
keeping. I am up to Volume III now over these 4.5 years of
association, and now directing.
I feel a poem stirring up
somewhere, though I have no
idea what it will be about,
just a creative itch that will
be scratched, satiated, served
some time this week, or today, or
this morning.


5:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
Thanks for developing a new German word, "Schattenfreude" (=happiness over a shady spot), as opposed to "Schadenfreude" (= happiness over someone else's misfortune)!!
Anonomann von dem Staub

5:47 PM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

"Schattenfreude" is closer to what I was trying to express, but "Schattenfreunde" is what I wrote, which I intended to mean "a friend of shade"

8:14 AM  

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