Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Oy, Fidelio!

Popped out for a little ride. the bike behaved itself as well as could be expected seeing as how I put the front gear on wrong. An adjustable problem.
The new "there's always something" deal is the computer.
It misbehaved something fierce. Most of the time I was being told that I was randomly going 4.5, 13.2, 8.1, etc mph. The rest of the data was jumping all over the place too.
I though the battery might be a problem, but the guy at the bike shop in Leschi said no, so I decided to buy a new computer.
And a Clif bar. (Chocolate chip variety)
Fifty bucks
Back at the bike I cleaned the magnet on the spokes and, after awhile it seemed to work again.
But can I trust it?

Go ahead, ask me why I didn't clean the magnet thingy before I spent fifty bucks.
Go ahead, see if I care.

So today's specs are estimated. I rode to SPU but didn't do the kilo hill climb to the Starbuck's near the spot where somebody tried to run over me in a SSO-related incident.
Stopped at the little park along the canal at the foot of the hill and watered the horses.
Had the chocolate chip Clif bar.
I measured the trip home and doubled it.

31.4 miles
3:15:51 hours
30.6 maximum speed (I didn't double that)
10 mph average (approx)
1273 on the odometer.
84 - 94 degrees.

Lot'sa nice trees out this time of the year.
Cool shade appreciated.

I'm tired.



Blogger butch said...

Pardon my confusion,
but let's see, the computer
on Fidelio was acting up,
and the dude at the bike
shop in Leschi told you
you HAD to buy a new computer,
which you did for $50;
correct so far?
Then you performed some kind
of mechanical prowess back
at the bike called, "cleaning
the magnet", and "it seemed
to work again". What worked
again, the old computer?
Sorry for my poor mechanical
aptitude, but there it is.
I guess if the bike had been
a Ferrari, you would not
have "put the front gear on
wrong", enit?
My Executive Committee meeting
came off without a hitch,
with one member in absentia,
hiking in Wales I hear.
My dental hygentist tells
me that I do a good job
with brushing, flossing, and
swishing. I told her that I
was not gay, but she insisted
my teeth are in pretty good
shape for an old fat white
guy. I thanked her, of course.
Today is the day. This morning
is the morning that I get
my tush to the eye doctor
and find out what kind of
glasses I should be wearing,
then trot over to another
eye doctor to order them
I will have them before
June 25 when we embark on
our 2009 Road Trip. Looking
forward to it; glasses and
the road trip. I fully expect
the Southwest to be hotter
than a popcorn fart, but
Colorado will be cooler than
Texas, I tell you. I am
listening to some Stevie Ray
Vaughn this morning and he
sure gets my toe tapping.
How's your concerto coming?


6:11 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

No...The thing screwed up...
I thought it might be the battery...the guy at the shop said it wasn't the battery...I asked if he sold the things....the guy at the shop said yes...I bought one....I wend outside and decided to look at the magnet thind...I noticed a bunch of little metal filings on the magnet...I cleaned them off...
The computer worked a little better but still suspicioue...after awhile it seemed to work properly again.

The front gear can be installed on the inside or the outside of the hub. If its on the outside when it was on the inside the adjustments for the dereilleur are wrong because the gears are a quarter inch further out.

I fixed it this morning.

12:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are pathetic Lane Savant. You and your obsolete pile of junk bicycle.


12:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
Glad you had a nice trip, even if the bike's computer didn't work properly. Hope you stopped for a sandwich at Pert's Deli while you were in Leschi; they make THE best sandwiches in the Seattle area!!!
The laptop computer in my German apartment had also been "acting up" and jamming (refusing to proceed further without my having to turn it off, re-boot, and wit for all the diagnostics because I couldn't log out; when it jams I can't even logout!
So, I bought a used laptop at Seattle Laptops on Aurora near 74th St., where I got the used laptop for $99 that works well perfectly in the "dust room". As I learned computers in the early-70s, I learned "DOS", and never could quite figure out "Windows", so the only computer Ican use is one with DOS-capability, which, nowadays, is VERY HARD to find, but the shop on Aurora had one (only one!), which I bought. That mens I'll have 3 heavy items (including 2 suitcases) to get to the Airport on July 15th, so I'll ask your cleaning man James if I can pay him $40 to get me to the airport on that date (it once cost me $35 incl. tip for a taxi from there to Redwing a cuople of years ago, when the plane arrived too late for me to connect with a 194 plus a Prentice St. 7. Hopefully, he can do this.

P.S. This time, the open-sessime letters to get this blog through actually spell a real word: render!

3:00 PM  
Blogger butch said...

Chill out, Lance. Palmer does alright with his Fidelio. You probably are too callous and macho to name your fleet of bikes, enit?

........Thomas Builds A Fire

5:47 AM  
Blogger butch said...

Thom, how nice to hear from you, and to use my name and gravatar too. That's cool. I agree though. Lance, you are a punk.


5:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know Lance, out here in the life, a name like yours is indicative of sweetness and anal probing.

............Tiny Tim

5:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, with your athlete's physical attributes, and your buzz cut hair do, you would fit right in at any gay bar you could mention.

............Elton's John

5:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aktulle, most of us allready new dat youse was a fag, Lance. All dat gittin married stuff is jist
a front for yer carear. Palmer is a man's man. Ask anybuddy.


5:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

On the downhill slopes, Doug can keep up with my old Harley.

.........Eddie Emerald

5:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are hundreds of women out here that take exception with your kibbitzing, Lance. Dougie dearest is not only a biker of prowess and panache, he is a lover and poet too. What can you do to match that? Yes, commercials, but what else?


5:56 AM  
Blogger butch said...

Microsoft has created a new search engine out there, BING. It certainly is an addition to Google and Yahoo; kind of cool.
There should be more nice
weather on the cusp of the
weekend if you and your filly
Fidelio feel like pumping
together some more.
I have googled tons of things
over this last couple of years
that I have been cyber-aware
but it just occured to me
that I have not googled
Doug Palmer. That will be
an experience not to miss.
I google myself on a
regular basis. How about
old David Carradine tying
a boot lace around his
genitals and his neck, then
tying his hands over his
head, and hanging around
in that Thai closet. He was
married like five times
and two of the wives were
quite vocal about his
"unusual sexual preferences".
And I just thought he was
a bad actor all these years.
I just finished up a tribute
to Claudia Emerson on FFTR.
I did not know that they
give out a Pulitzer prize
for poetry every year.
Something to strive for...
not. Even she was surprised,
almost embarressed by the
attention she received from
it. I think I will go with
another poet today whose
first or middle name is
Palmer; no jive.
H. Palmer Hall.
It is sad and ironic
that besides Sherman Alexie,
most other poets who are
successfully published, have
day jobs as teachers. It is
like the myth of being an
actor, when in reality
you are a waiter, cab driver,
or real estate salesman, who
gets an acting gig once in
a while. I had such pride
and arrogance for those
ten years of my "acting career",
that I never allowed myself
to work outside my craft.
Of course this meant I
was poorer than a church
mouse, and about as popular.
Tonight TFC screens
KING OF MASKS in Tacoma,
so I will be sticking around
town this evening, generally
wolfing down some Popeye's
spicy chicken and checking
out the used DVD stores
over on 6th Avenue. The
family is taking me to
AZTECA for my birthday dinner
on Sunday. I like the Mexican
spicy stew with beef, chicken,
and cheese in it.
Ah yes the House of Ramos.
I am dorking around with
gadgets on FFTR; don't have
any earthly idea what exactly
will come of it--thinking
of creating a list of poets
peppered into the 3,770
postings. Now that I have
learned how to scan my old
photos into my computer,
I have no impetus to use
them right away. Odd that.


6:12 AM  
Blogger ... Paige said...

Well I'm lost to be sure. Computers on bikes?
Heck magnets on bikes?

You yankees sure are something (fyi- yankee: anyone that is North of Dallas Texas)

I came to give a shout out to you because that is the least you should get for being tagged by the Funster.

8:26 AM  

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