Friday, May 29, 2009

Melinda Bargreen

Just returned from the latest Seattle Symphony program with the premiere of a new cello concerto. A mighty effort from soloist, conductor, and orchestra. As for the concerto itself: sorry, but it should have been served with a side of cranberry sauce, if you take my meaning.

Ha!and just last Wednesday I finally found the basis, or "inspiration" for MY Cello concerto which will be almost as good as the Elgar.

Yesterday was full.
Financial consultant counting our money and shuffling it around a bit. (I am still not used to being independently wealthy)
Lawyer writing a will to make sure SSO don't get any. I never had a rich uncle but Ruby and Wyatt do (sort of)

Lunch at Trattoria Michelli's. Exchanged Hi howarya's with Danny.

Went home and fell asleep.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane (& Melissa, if you're reading this)!
I'd go you one further and suggest eating the cranberry sauce and tossing the rest in the food disposal. Because the SSO has not yet gotten around to banning me from its premises and the city sidewalks nearby, I did attend the concert last night on a free-bbe "comp ticket", not because of Stock's "cncerto" (quotation marks intended), but becauase of Maestro de Priest's conducting; not only I admired the latter, but so did the Seattle Symphony musicians, who applauded him as vigorously as we in the audience with almost all in the audience doing so standing!! We are all grateful for an outstanding conductor considering the usual drought when the "Chef" is on the podium!
Since de Priest is head of the conducting faculty at Juilliard and conductor of the Tokyo Philharmonic (I wonder how he has time and energy for both!!), I'm afraid we're not likely to get him here for more than guiest-gigs. Only his super-clear beat could get the orchestra through the mish-mash Stock provided. Its world premiere (set for 2004) was delayed until last night because no other orchestra considered it worthy of performance until Stock's friend, G.P. Schwarz programmed for here, but not on a program where he had to conduct it; a rare wise move for him, as only a dePriest has the ability to make sense of th= nonsense. Soloist Josh Roman also did not consider it worth learning, so he played it from the shee music.
When you, Melissa, interviewed him Wednesday afternoon in Soundbridge, dePriest says he doesn't really enjoy playing music when the composer is present; now I know why, but can one reasonably consider Stock a composer or simply a noise-maker??

5:06 PM  
Blogger butch said...

Turkey music must have a place
somewhere in society.
Thank to Anonomann for
his terrific augmentation
and mini-review. You two
must have some stimulating
conversations, about music,
about life, about women,
about cars. I have really
gotten back into those (3)
CD'S you have given me.
Palmer tunes really do grow
on you. You hear more
each time, like Alex's great
I hear new stuff each play.
Hopefully you did not get
hurt too badly with the
ass end of the financial
marked being in the crapper.
Melva lost like 30K in her
retirement portfolio. That
really sucks. My government
bonds were impervious to
Junior's whims and the Great Oil
Party's treachery.


5:27 PM  

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