Monday, May 25, 2009


African-American acapella.
Lovely voices.
Especially Katy Webber.

Seattle Mandolin Orchestra,
nice sound no available seats.

Yeshivas Goldenshteyn.
The Erev Ravs.
Kosher Red Hots.

File Gumbo,
Zydeco, Zydeco, Zydeco.

Some Gospel,

a Baritone Saxophone trio....and...

Marimba ensemble
Especially the Big Big Bass marimba.

All those kids wailing away. B-yooteyful

Love that sound.
That low down sound.
Rattle yer windows like the next world war.

32' Organ pipes, Tuba bottoms, Big Bass Drums, Big Big Gongs, Contra Bassoons,
Dig it Dig it Dig it Dig it.

Egad a base note tones a bad agE


Blogger butch said...

Perfect weather,
your mind was right,
kicking sounds,
must have truly been
I just cannot dig
Zydeco--it does get
my toe tapping, but
the accordian drives me
bonkers, and the music all
kinds of sounds the same;
I know that is igorance raising
it ugly mug,but that's my story
and I'm sticking to it.
Klezmer looks interesting.
Acapella in yamakas?
Violins, mandolins?
Bottle dancing on flat hats?
Isn't Katy Weber a white singer?
Not that that matters, but
was she singing in African?
I liked the flow and scan
of your Marimba riff, and
it became a tiny Palmer poem
over on FFTR.

We drove up to Mt. Rainier on Saturday, and it was a blue
halo day, although there were
thousands of other folks
that had the same idea, the
line up of cars was like the
first few weeks at Krispy
Kreme donuts, enit?
They have the new visitor
center open up at Paradise.
We didn't stop though,
no where to park.
Watched a bunch of good films
that I have amassed in new
DVD purchases, one that sticks
in my mind was IN THE ELECTRIC
MIST with Tommy Lee Jones as
a bayou detective in New Orleans.
Jones pulls off the bitter
anger about four times as well
as Squint Eastwood does. I am
still disappointed in GRAN
TORINO. I did manage to
get my Izzy double-waxed
yesterday, and now the paint
will dazzle for a week or two.
I found another Texas poet,
deceased of course, in the
person of Albert Huffstickler;
good one too. Check it/him
out over on FFTR. The assholes
here at the office were busy
on Friday while I was having
my medical treatment, and they
updated my computer yet again,
and now I am scrambling to find
everything, cuz the tools have
changed, and the look has
changed. Goddamn it to hell, why
can't they just leave shit alone!
I do not respond well to change
for change's sake, or whatever
the reason those jerk offs have
to twink and tweek things.
I finally kind of ran out of
Bukowski on line available
poems. Damn, I think I posted
like 140 of them before they
petered out. Huff is my new
man, now, and I am getting
into his blue collar beat,
his simplicity and dog bone
blues. A poet who was not
a teacher, nor was he a drunk,
like so many of them, just
a man who could express
himself well, a man with
poetry to give, to write,
to share.

This will be a short week
that feels like a long
week, cuz that's what happens.
God only knows why.
My vision seems to be settling
down, and June 10th will not
come too soon, whereby I will
have an eye exam, and get a new
refraction to focus things in
that last notch or so.
Melva and I are beginning to
get out the ragged Atlas and
kind of mapping out what
we will do with our Summer
road trip, first to Colorado
and then down down to Texas
to see her mama, and then back
up through the sweetness and
sadness of the southwest
and some Indian ruins perhaps.
Melva gave me my birthday
present early, cuz I got to
talking about wanting a portable
GPS unit for the trip. She
already had decided to buy
me a Garmin GPS 4.3" screen
unit, so we did. Car Toys had
them on sale. She says they
are easy to use. Haven't played
with it yet. May wait until after
June 14th.


6:32 AM  
Blogger butch said...

Listening to one of the CD's
you have sent me,
and enjoying the hell out of it. Your compositions just seem
to fit the morning.
Melva has been suffering
with migraines a lot lately.
I think she should check
her estrogen levels,
but what do I know?
Janet Leigh enjoyed your
marimba jive poem over
on FFTR, as did I.
Have you been riding
Fidelio and just not sharing
with the Palmerites?
Our youngest daughter, Andrea,
is enjoying fun in the sun
in Puerto Vallarto this week.
Good on her. She planned this
trip as a compensation for
putting up with the split up
with her live-in boyfriend/fiance
over Christmas. She is down there
with a good girlfriend.
The Beach Boys must be having
a hell of time with them.
Huff is still keeping me
coming back for more of
his poems. He could get down
and dirty, rough and tough,
when he wanted to; very little
of the simpering milksop
Capoteisc flowery essence
of sugar cane about him--
anyone who can speak about
his mother's breasts
eloquently is alright with me.
For some reason I was thinking
about Robin again. She used
to be a regular FFTL
contributor and commentor,
and then I staggered onto
the scene with my mouth
running on ahead of my
good sense, and she just
back off. Perhaps she stays
busy keeping up with her
own blog, enit?
Thought about stopping at
Cinco Puentos Press in
El Paso to say hi to
Bobby Byrd this summer,
but looks like we are
going to bypass it. I also
thought I might check out
the Spokane Indian Rez
in honor of Sherman A., but
that too will probably not
happen. Oh well, there is
always tomorrow, next year,
and another road trip.


5:53 AM  
Blogger Jannie Funster said...

Mix 'em all together and they'd still sound as sweet. In the same keys that is, on same general chordage at same time.

I think music will be very very big when it starts catching on more.

9:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
Glad you soooo enjoyed "Folklife".
Margrit says the same!
Great news that Katy and the Afro-American a capella were part of the program; sorry I missed it, but I already had tix for Seattle Film Festival films for the weekend.
Soundbridge's loss of Katy is the rest of Seattle's gain!!

2:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
Just visited and found it interesting, but nothing controversial like on your stimlating blogspot; I also left a couple of comments on it (the SEA-OP blog).

2:37 PM  

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