Sunday, May 17, 2009


Well, we caught the bees and got them in the box, but the next morning, they were gone.
Probably they took a look at the neighborhood and seeing as the box was in the driveway and they were surrounded by concrete and iron, they left for greener climes.

Attended Seattle Opera's "Le Nozze de Figaro" magnificent show.
Seattle Opera is truly a world class outfit.
Wish we had a Symphony Orchestra that was of that stature.

The Rainier Orchestra ought to stage a hostile takeover of Benaroya.

Yeah, that'd be cool.

We are going to Tukwila today to hear the Rainier play Mahler's second symphony.

I have a theory about Mahler;

He claims to have written only nine symphonies, but I think he wrote more like twenty. He just stuck them together to make it seem like there was only nine of 'em.

That's my theory and I'm stickin' to it.


Blogger butch said...

Bees can be tricky.
Some say they have a secret life,
others say they have spirit life
in their beehive.
I just stay out of their damned way.
I love the honey, but hate the sting.
I suppose then that makes me
some kind of coward,
but there it is.
I do not keep pet reptiles
or pet rodents either;
some things just kick up
my fear factor,
it's vitriolic, unreasonable.
So three cheers for Miss M
and the other brave beekeepers
on this planet.
Somebody has to do it,
to be it, just not me.

I watched INFAMOUS today, cuz
I caught the last third of IN COLD BLOOD
on TCM, and it reminded me that
even though CAPOTE won some oscars,
INFAMOUS, in some ways, is a superior
version of events. For one thing Toby Jones
is pitch perfect as Tru, and Daniel Craig
found some things in Perry Smith that
Bobby Blake never looked for. For those
who care about such things
there was a TV mini-series version
superbly done like 10 years ago,
with Eric Roberts as Perry.
So first read the book,
then sit down, rent and view
1) the original B&W version of
2. Somehow find and view
the color TV version; I have a copy.
3. Watch INFAMOUS, and not only
compare Toby Jones to Philip S. Hoffman,
but also Sandra Bullock to Catherine Keener
as Nelle Harper Lee.
4. Watch CAPIOTE
and make up your own mind about things.

I went crazy today, and went to Buzzard
DVD and CD store in Tacoma, and
bought 14 of the James Bonds on DVD,
leaving only (3) of the 22 in the series
that I have not converted or replaced.
Lots more room on my shelf now too.
Melva will kick my ass, of course,
when she sees the hundred bucks
I spent, even though it should have
been 140 bucks and then I bartered
with them; good on me, mate!

Who played Mahler in the movie?
Richard Burton, Richard Chamberlain,
or Roger Daltry, or some other Brit?
Actually, MAHLER (1975) was directed
by Ken Russell,
and it starred Robert Powell as Gustav.
So put it on your rental list too.
Write your reviews, and I will post them,
on FFTR, maybe even the Tacoma
Film Club Annex.


7:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
Yes, Seattle Opera's "Le nozze de Figaro" was a super-great production!! So, why did you write in this blog "Seattle Symphonies 'Figaro' when it was Seattle OPERA's production???
Yes, some of the musicians in the 'Figaro' pit also are in the SEA SYMPH, but so were some non-sea-symphers. Don't give credit where it isn't due.

12:14 PM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

I did WHAT!!!
Gonna go edit that one fer shure.

1:57 PM  

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