Friday, May 15, 2009

I never veldt this way before

Got up ate cheerios went to the SAFEWAY!! For gas. The Safeway for gas. Remember when we were so much older then?
Gast up the lawn mower and the chipper then went back to the kitchen and installed the new garbage disposal.

The grass has been neglected.
It has continued to grow all the while we were chipping away at the other verdant infestation.
Fired up the Honda and attacked.
Halfway through the tall grass I ran into an elephant in my pajamas.
Why I was mowing the lawn in my pajamas I dunno.
I apologized for running into him and he said it was no big deal but could I tell him which way to the savannah.
I told him and he took off.
Just then I realized that I had directed him to Georgia.
Hope he gets it straightened out.

After a bit of lunch I went out and looked at the swarming bees for awhile.
Meredith called her favorite beekeeper who advised her to wait till evening when it cooled down then cut the branch they were huddling on and shake them into the hive box.
She has a bunch of beekeeping stuff her brother gave her.

So we did that and now they or a lot of them anyway are resting in their new abode.

You like picture? this is a week ago there's more stuff than there was last picture but soon soon it will be all cleared and you wont never noe it was sucha mess.
This is before the lon was mode and the gong is on ONE side and there's nothing on the OTHER side


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dam Duggie, youse spell wurss dan me, and dat's sayin sompin. I read dis junk you spew out dere so dat I can pikup on some culture (and I don meen dat crap on yoogurt needer), and den youse get cutte and start messin wid woids. Straiten up, punk. I neede better woids to read.


4:20 PM  
Blogger butch said...

God said, "Let there be order", and
there was over there on the Palmer
Veldt, at Redwing Rancho,
and it was good--
gong at the ready,
chipper eating the spit
out of all branches and leaves,
the smoking Honda
chopping the piss
out of the naughty reeds,
moss, blades, and weeds,
and still there is time,
for you have made it
like a Jules Verne character,
like a Rod Serling wet dream,
like a Roddenberry clone,
and it was good too,
and the garbage disposal
got the attention it deserved.

That elephant that you hit
in your pajamas
must be old as hell,
for it might be the self same
pachyderm that Groucho shot
back in 1934, or was it 1928?
Ask the elephant.
He'd probably recall,
unlike the rest of us
who have senior moments
several times a day, or an hour,
whichever comes first--
and speaking of poor short
term memory and recall,
I was asked the other day
if within the barrage of labs
I continuously suffer, have I
had my thyroid checked?
I don't think I have
had. Doing a little research on line,
where else, and it appears that
70% of my pesky symptoms,
those lovelies I complain of monthly
like a PMS punk fag bitch
are all, or could be all explicated by
an autoimmune thyroid disease called
Hashimoto's thyroiditis.
Well, hell, as you could imagine,
I have just finished emailing
my interim physician, and asking
her to look into this situation
and to advice me accordingly.
Maybe I've already had
the TSH, T3, & T4 blood tests,
but maybe I haven't--
maybe the Universe is whispered
hot wet somethings in my ear
and that irritating vibration on
my anvil has got my attention.

I talked to Miss Melva.
She made it safely to
Colorado Springs and has changed
her first shitty diaper already;
oh bliss, oh heaven, oh shit.

There are no movies out there
I am dying to see, so I will
remain housebound on this
beautiful sunny day, for
Doug will make up for my
lethargy with yard work
and a workout on Fidelio.


4:36 PM  
Blogger Jannie Funster said...

Yes, indeedie-do, your yard is clearing up quite nicely.

I mow the lawn in my hipwaders and Roy Rogers ball cap.

CD went out yesterday. First class. No sass. KIck &%@.

Sorry, t'would be not correct to have written "ass" here on your innocent blog.

5:20 PM  

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