Saturday, May 09, 2009


We started early (8:00) and drove up Lk. Wash through Bothell and Monroe to Sultan where breakfast at the Sultan Bakery for me was a "trainwreck scramble" which was a gigantic pile of hashbrowns, eggs, ham, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, tomatoes, green pepper, and onion, covered with grated cheese and served with a bowl of gravy!

Ate half of it.

Stopped on our way over the pass at Deception falls, lots of noisy rushing water.
Snow on the ground.
Skunk cabbage too.
Got pictures which may show up on this very site.

Some light snowfall at the top of the pass then swooped on down to...
Ohme Gardens in Wenatchee.
Great place, hangs off the cliff face overlooking the river and the scenery beyond
(usual stuff, mountains, fruit orchards et cetera)

Crashed at a motel of some sort then went to a fancy restaurant and had an expensive Japanese Wagyu Kogo steak. was not impressed.

Also a Bare Knuckle stout. was impressed.

Cost a lot of money.

Nothing worth a damn on TeeVee went to sleep. Probably snored.

Next day popped back up the hiway to Peshastin or thereabouts to a great historical museum.
And a not-so-great "antique mall"

Further on we turned toward Ellensburg on the Blewitt pass road and realized that the gas gauge was reading low.
Something it rarely does.
Can't remember the last time.

Pulled a quick u-ey, blasted back to Leavenworth and stuffed 'er full of Safeway's finest. (Safeway, can you dig it?)

Due to the climb over Stevens pass we only got 43.7879495562111163007940214853 miles per gallon on that tank.

Then back to I-90 and Seattle.

Ate the rest of the trainwreck for dinner.

Today it was back to the yard to chip'n'chop until the chipper ran out of gas.

Tonight it's back to the Chapel for what looks to be an interesting show by one of my new music comrades.


Blogger butch said...

Wow, Wowzer, and Wowiezowie--that was a blow by blow, bite by bite bit of prose that put us right there in our Jap Beer Can. The 'trainwreck scramble" is standard fare in several cafes and greasy spoons down here in the navel of the is called "hobo hash" at one place. Even Denny's has several versions of it. I love them, even though mostly you are filling up on potatoes and grease; a real man's breakfast.

Our youngest daughter, our roommate Andrea, got up early and cooked up a terrific Mother's Day feast breakfast for Melva, big strapping thick slices of bacon and fried eggs for her and I, and scrambled eggs and Jimmy Dean spicy sausage for Melva, hand-squeezed orange juice, ice cold whole milk, and sour dough biscuits that Melva puts peanut butter, butter, and Texas Johnny maple syrup on. I am still burping up fond remembrances.

I am typing this morning without any glasses, and wish I had my computer Rx on, so if I misspell some stuff, live with it. Presbyopia (?) is still a lot of fun. X MEN: WOLVERINE was pretty good, but we went with some friends to see the new STAR TREK prequel, and it was dynamite, incredible. After 40 years, 10 movies, and 700 hours of five TV series, how could they find such vitality and life in the franchise? Go out and see it. I think it is playing at IMAX in Seattle.

Melva wants to drive up to Mt. Rainier today, and see some real snow. We might do it, although she also wants to do some yard work, so the options are off the chart.

I got into a real Mother's Day jag over on FFTR yesterday. Even wrote one of the poems myself. Can you dig it?


10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane+Meredith,
Your "trainwreck scramble" turns my stomach upside-down almost as much as the news I got today that the SAS flight I was booked for on Wed., 13 May, has been canceled, and SAS will only get me as far as Chicago on that date. As this is a "frequent-flier" trip, SAS won't can't tell me how and when I can get from Chicago to Seattle, but says I should contact United to find out, but I don't have phone number for United over here. Hopefully, SAS contacted United about the cancellation of my Copenhagen to Seattle flight and United has already booked me for the Chicago to Seattle leg, but I won't learn that until I check in Wednesday motning at the Hamburg Airport-- or maybe not until I get to Chicago. And the United flights to Seattle from Chicago, including those via other cities are already almost- or fully-booked I learned by contacting United by Internet just now. So, when I will arrive in Seattle is now anyone's guess!!
LL sends her regards, as do I.

2:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane + Meredith!
Your trip sounds scenic, I look forward to photos of it either on your blogsite or at Redwing -- IF i ever get there (see my last comment today on this blogsite).

2:08 AM  
Blogger butch said...

Anonomann, hey travel, especially plane travel, has transmigrated, degenerated into a migraine for all of us. International travel must be three times the headache. Good luck on your trip!

Well, hell, I made it into the office, and put things back together again; the Boss had "cleared" the stray papers off my desk and work table, and stuffed them into one of my drawers, kind of disregarding that each sheet of stray paper had check lists, reminders, urls, and such on them. Anyway, things are kosher again.

Driving in this morning I can see that some correction in glasses would be, will be helpful. When the sun is out, I see a hell of a lot better, improving the contrast sensitivity I guess. I go for my one week follow up exam this Wednesday. We'll see then precisely how I am healing up, or not. Walking around without glasses, after 60 years of wearing them, is a trip I tell you. My typos in the comment previously show you how I cannot function at Nearpoint without an add. By the way, I shall cease referring to your stalwart Prius as a "Jap Beer Can"; how naughty of me to express my feelings in that manner.

Melva is poised on Thurdsday morning to go off on a road trip with our youngest daughter, Andrea, to Colorado Springs, to visit oldest daughter Chrystal, and two precious grandsons; Austin and Ethan. Melva will fly back on Monday next. I will be Batching it again, again.

Some issues have arisen in my film club regarding endeavoring to purchase an Umbrella license to allow us to continue to screen DVD's for the members. The pros and cons are conflicting, and the cost is like 300 bucks a year. This is a time that being the Director of the club becames a pain in the tookus, enit?

Jannie had her CD launch concert in Austin yesterday; hope it went off well. For those who want a copy of her CD, I NEED A MAN, you can order it at her blogsite.


6:10 AM  
Blogger Jannie Funster said...

You're the only person I've ever seen spell et cetera correctly in my 45 years on this or any other planet.

And in case you've been wondering, I lost the other half of my breakfast taco today.

9:14 AM  

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