Monday, December 01, 2008

Let's have another day

Just like the other day.


This time it was bread I bought.

The weather is still mild enough that I could sit outside and slosh down a cup of coffee.
I know they don't call it a cup anymore but they used to.
Used to order it "black" too...
Now it's a "tall drip"
That darn fugitive tempus
And some slightly soggy coffee cake.

Maybe I should switch to tea.
I've tried that before but it never seems to take.

I like the Earl Grey (or Gray...'sup to you)

Thanksgiving was dampened a bit 'cause everybody seemed to have some sort of flu or cold.
M & I both have slightly rumbley tummies.

AND we don't have our new antenna set up yet so Wally and Dan had to listen to our team lose on the radio.

Ruby had fun and left a cupful of confetti strewn about the house.
Nothing is more inspiring than a playful child.

As long as mommy takes her home again.

Let's give three cheers for mommy.




What the heck, let's make it four.


More warm climate pics.

The same church as last time

(not yesterday...the day before)

That's me in the church...

Don't tell God, O.K.



Blogger butch said...

Another day, yes, let's have it. When you sit outside, are you on the side porch looking down through the vegetation at the lake? Or do you sit on the tiny front porch steps and stare at your nearly barren driveway that once held a line of history, all those cars that have been such a big part of your life since forever; gone now, taken away, sold, slipped into oblivion or somebody else's life. I wonder if any of them are running, out there on the streets somewhere? Maybe the Bristol, still turning heads in the Northwest.

I didn't realize you folks were still on an antenna. Christ, I've been on cable so long I don't even know from antennas. Do you have to get one of those new box converters to change analog to digital?

Sorry to hear that Thanksgiving was less than sterling. How old is Ruby now? No mention of Keth. Did he attend?

Nice of you to transport us from the dampness to the dry air of Arizona and New Mexico. It helps bake out my sinuses.

I have a Producer's Committee meeting tonight in Tacoma, picking three films for January. We will have only one screening for December, at our party on the 13th; the Russian film, KUKUSHKA aka The Cuckoo. Real holiday fare during WWII. At least nudity will be in it for the spice.

You in a church, what a reality. Well, your visit was clincal and recreational, so perhaps it is OK. God does not have to be told since he resides east of your pancreas, he is hip to your adventures.


5:57 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

At a Starbucks on Queen Anne.
The cars are not only running but being sold at great profit.
I heard from the guy who bought the ALFA from the guy I sold it to for $1,500 says he paid $15,000.
Bristols (in pristine condition)
go for $70,000, and cinquecentos go for over $10,000 at auction
I got $2,500 for the B and $500 for the FIAT
We've got a new set.
Keth is in charge of the electronics around here and works all the time.
I only watch TV for SNL anyway.
Ruby is three, I think,
Keth was there, but didn't make much noise.
Nothing of any great import ever happened to me in a church.

11:16 AM  

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