Friday, November 21, 2008


My horoscope this morning told me to mind my own business.
Wish they had put it on the front page so I could avoid all the "celebrity" nonsense.

And politician's sex lives.

But it was too late, horoscope's in the back with the crossword and I had my nose in other peoples business before I knew.


Anyway, yesterday was a nice one, snarly weather and all.
Somehow, when the sun shines through evil looking clouds it gives a somewhat Easter like promise of rebirth.

But you know, Promises, eh?

Drove to my old neighborhood to one of my favorite Thai restaurants for lunch(I can never get M to go to Asian food places)

Then to Starbucks for a little apres-midi coffee.

I've got this Tully's gift card I got from my dentist that I ought to use up.
The Queen Anne Tully's seems to have closed.
There's a tea shop going in.
Is tea going to be the big thing now?

Then a short blast down Hwy 99 and up Denny to the SCCC parking lot (5 bucks after noon) and a bipedal jog to the library past Benaroya where I mooned the Symphony as I passed.

Here is something I found while surfing there.
If I remember right this is a French string quartet making fun of our national music.

  • What?

  • But that was yesterday, maybe I misremember

    I was in an inexplicable good mood.
    If I were still a youngster, I might even think I was in love with something.
    The horrible dreams I had this morning seem to shore up that analysis.

    But still, why waste a good mood?

    Why not enjoy the time between now and the inauguration in blissful anticipation of a country turned back to it's yet to be realized former glory?

    Why not?

    So I went down to the Pike Place Brewery and hoisted a pint of XXXXX Stout
    Mooning the Symphony once again as I passed.

    Cheers to ya!

    Walked most of it off on the return voyage to the school, pausing at the Borders along the way to fall for 75 bucks worth of books.
    Never go to a bookstore drunk. Not even if it's only a pint of thick creamy Pike Place Stout.
    God loves me and wants me to be happy.

    John Adam's new book (pretty good so far, 3 chapters in)
    Eric Clapton's biography. Seems to be the same thing as any other Brit guitarist's story.
    Change the names and it could be any of 'em.
    Still it's Eric Clapton
    A CD would have made more sense.
    A book about the English language which kept me up until 5 AM.
    And a Lemony Snicket that I donated to the Children's Hospital.

    And had an amusing time with David and the 2nd movement of the viola concerto (or whatever it may turn out to be)

    After hybriding my way along the lake back home, M and I decided to walk the three blocks to Cafe Vignole for a very nice Italian dinner, with Chianti (still working on that alcoholism thing)

    Then I read all night.

    Remember those leaves I was going to rake days ago.
    I'll do that today, I promise.

    Now, a reward for reading this far,

    Another pretty picture.

    Salt Creek Falls, Oregon



    Blogger butch said...

    turginAnother sterling stream-of-consciousness post, sir. The segues are astonishing. Do you like driving the Prius? Have they fixed the steering in those buggies yet? A few years ago it felt like a go cart with cables.

    Moon over Benaroya--certainly does sound like poetry, with a pinch of scatalogical sarcasm dropped in.

    This Indian summer has lasted so long it is almost frightening. What will come next? Some kind of weather calamity? Certainly the gods of weather have something in store for us. It was 30 degrees at my place this morning; lots of window scraping and sitting in an ice cold truck waiting for the warmth.

    Melva likes Asian food, so I get my tastes satiated on a regular basis. I do not like those thick sweet Thai noodles though, so I always order the pan-fried skinny egg noodles instead. We had
    Asian food on Saturday. It was our oldest daughter's birthday dinner. All the kids were there, and then again on Sunday to celebrate our youngest grandson's first birthday. One year old, walking, pooping, and can say Hi! Austin Gunner Hahn is his moniker. I started calling him AG for some reason, and the women got pissed off. Go figure.

    I made it out to see the latest James Bond flick, QUANTUM OF SOLACE, which was pretty fair, but one had to remember every detail of last year's Daniel Craig entry since many of the characters and much of the plot carried on like a sequel. I went home and promptly watched CASINO ROYALE to figure things out.

    This will be a 3-day week for me, and I really will look forward to my 4-day weekend. Maybe I will pull a Palmer and read all night one of those nights. Retirement, where are you? Still eons away. And of course the economy being millimeters from the Great Depression really makes one feel confidence in retiring, that those savings and investments will right themselves by 2010.


    6:11 AM  
    Blogger Jannie said...

    "yet to be realized former glory?" Freaking love it, you loveable old cynic-coot, you!!!

    Did you really moon the symphony?


    Cheers on never going to the bookstore drunk!

    7:33 PM  
    Blogger Lane Savant said...

    No real world moons for this kid.
    I feel naked and vulnerable fully dressed.
    The symphony makes me feel even more so.
    I even wear long pants when I ride my bike.

    8:05 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hallo, Lane!
    Great pic of the falls in Oregon!!
    Is the John Adáms of the book you just bought the composer John Adams?? If so, it would be an interesting read!

    2:23 AM  
    Blogger Lane Savant said...

    Yep, the composer. I'll loan it to you.

    8:58 AM  

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