Sunday, November 30, 2008

Blogging every day

Can be frustrating when one has nothing new either to say or to report.
Which is the present sitch'

I had a cup of coffee this morning.
And a bowl of cheerios onto which I poured some milk (2%, not Harvey)
and a spoon full of sugar.
Scanned the news paper and filled out the crossword puzzle.

Are you bored yet?

Fooled around on the computer and added 7 seconds to the first movement of the Viola concerto.

Went to the store.

Bought pork chops, tortillas, Oreos, and toilet paper.

In that order, as a matter of fact.

And now here I am, trying to find anything even remotely amazing or absurd or funny in any of it.

Oh yeah, the library,
Went to Rainier branch of the Seattle Library, returned a book, and checked out a book.
A book that M had reserved.
Had to take her card and PIN.

Ho - Hum.....

I guess there's always pictures.

Somewhere in Arizona.

Or New Mexico.

Wait here,
I'll go look it up

New Mexico.


There's some poetry about violas on the last post's comment section.



Blogger butch said...

Odd that you directed us to the last post in search of poetry. I did find it there, but only after gently rearranging your post and Jannie's comment. Check it out on FFTR, under Viola, Viola.

Your Sunday morning has the mundane ring of authenticity. We can just tag along for your day. Nothing boring in that. It is a mini-ersatsz-visit with you through the magic of blogging.

Melva and I saw BOY IN THE STRIPED PAJAMAS on Friday. It is a powerful film that punches you in the gut, and tugs at your heart.
I led the discussion at the Grand for SYNECDOCHE, NY, and it went well. Actually the discussion was more stimulating than the Charlie Kaufman 2.5 hour immersion into morbidity. Yesterday, Melva and I watched AUSTRALIA, making me remember my trip there in 1977, and thrilling us with the old fashioned approach to moviemaking; jazzed up with CG for the Japanese attach on Darwin. SYNECDOCHE was stuck between James Joyce and Fellini, without the grace and skill of either one.

Somehow, Doug, you skipped over Thanksgiving in your posting. Was it not at your haciena this year?

I received a wonderfully whacky email from Jannie giving me permission to post her poems on FFTR. She is a lively addition to the comments section, enit?

Christ, it's Monday morning already. Even a four-day weekend goes by with a rapidity that defies description.


6:26 AM  
Blogger Jannie said...

I like the order of your shopping.

Dessert! (or appetizer)
Grand Finale!

9:22 AM  

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