Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Three old ones

Jingle says I can link three of these things at -

  • Jingle Poetry Potluck

  • Weltchmerz
    Santa Clause...

    The Easter Bunny...
    The Tooth Fairy...
    God, Honor, Justice...
    I'm half afraid that when I get to
    Death -

    That'll turn out to be bullshit too.

    Love story number nine

    Long trip in a short boat

    I knew when I launched -
    my Canoe -
    Into the river of her -
    Whitewater eyes -
    That I was in for a troubling
    Ride -
    And wouldn't be back -
    For Days.

    Going places at the speed of night

    Bus Trip

    Through the clouded night
    binary stars passing
    at the speed of light
    distant red stars pulsing
    left and right
    square, round, diamond
    galaxies reflecting
    far off - 

    by dark matter -
    unseen hands -
    interstellar winds - 

    rocking the bus,
    the cradle

    So why not?


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Dude I wish you'd linked earlier. You are a great poet. Word economy, gritty language, succinct, terse. My kinda stuff. The first one is bloody superb.

    Hope to be back again sometime.


    12:08 PM  
    Anonymous Amanda said...

    I agree with Luke, absolutley brilliant...poetic stirring words!! Thanks so very much for linking with Potluck!! Bravo!!

    3:04 PM  
    Anonymous Amanda said...

    absolutely that was :) :)

    3:05 PM  
    Blogger Jingle said...

    lovely piece.
    enjoy your wit.

    7:58 PM  
    Blogger Jingle said...

    Thanks for the support,
    welcome back next time.

    7:58 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    9:28 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Love what I see...to the point is what I enjoy!
    In the "Long ride in a short boat"
    When I read "for days", I was thinking " for daize" :-)

    8:08 AM  
    Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

    We two old ones are beginning
    to stretch our gray limbs
    out there into the cyber void
    of Planet Poetics.
    You are on a roll, sir,
    and I can barely keep up.
    Over the years I have
    posted what, like 80
    of your poems over on
    FFTR, and have cajoled
    and pleaded with you to
    share your stuff with others;
    and NOW there you are
    over at Magpie, Applehouse,
    and now Jingle's joint,
    where I haven't submitted
    yet--and look at the feedback,
    Christ...."You are a great poet.
    Word economy, gritty language,
    succinct, terse."
    "Absolutely brilliant...poetic
    stirring words.."
    "Lovely piece, enjoy your wit."
    "nice". So what has God
    and the poetic Muses wrought?
    We both know,
    Palmer the Poet.

    I had already posted
    BOAT, but BUS TRIP
    I did not recognize, and
    was pleased to post it
    this morning.
    Keep on rockin'

    8:59 AM  
    Blogger Jannie Funster said...

    Yes, indeed -- now every body else has discovered MY amazing Doug Palmer -- poet. Oh well. Can't keep such good stuff a secret for long in this info day and age.

    Jannie after posting this comment, is off to code up YOUR fabulous sidebar link button and post it.


    4:36 AM  

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