Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jungle trek

Sunshine through the curtain mocked me.
"Get off it loser" it seemed to say, "I ain't gonna be here forever"
"Right" I said and did so.
Rounding up my best available horse I headed out in to the wilderness.
After hours of dense underbrush, we managed to scramble to the top of a wild, untamed knoll.
Whereupon I discovered an oasis, a veritable fountain of youth where the waters run brown with the elixir of wakefulness.
I tethered my faithful steed, stowed my crash helmet, and Yea, I did partake of the waters there.
Also a ham and cheese sandwich.
Feeling thus refreshed I began the journey home.
But before I got to the hitching post, I beheld a strange sight; could this be the fabled Sasquatch?
Curiosity being what it is, I circled the area in hopes of getting a closer look whereupon, I came face to face with the curious beast.
My heart caught in my throat but I managed to hold my terror in check, for I don't think I was noticed.

It wasn't a Sasquatch, but a smaller ape-like animal that shared some of the Sasquatch's characteristics.

So my fear was unfounded, I was merely reacting to the surprise of the unexpected encounter.

Still, I was a bit shaky on the trip homeward, although that might have been due to the elixir of which I did imbibe in unintended quantities at the aforementioned spa.

I did divert my journey to pass by a ranch of mine just to see if the fences were in good shape.
Thus I judge the quality of care that the keeper of the grounds is maintaining.
Everything looked in good repair, so I rode on.

But the adventure wasn't over.
On arrival, my amusingly comical sidekick informed me of a smoke signal from the very quarter from which I had so recently decamped.

A leaky roof.
Had I only known.

I was back on the trail on the instant to respond to the situation.
Being back in the area and having dealt with the problem, I found myself again near the lair of the Sasquatch.
Fortunately, I once again managed to avoid confrontation with the beast.

"Beast", I suppose is not exactly the proper denomination, for it was a rather attractive animal in many ways and not nearly as fearsome as I had first imagined.
Nonetheless, why take chances?

So I sipped once again the waters of the spa ("Coffee", that is the name of the place) and finally managed to get all the way home without falling off.
Alas during the interregnum the sun, true to it's word, had departed from the sky leaving my day a little darker for all my efforts.


Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Kind of a Jungle Jim adventure
and with a wry Palmer twist:
really dug it. Who else could
hop on their motor scooter,
go get a cup of java, swing
by one of their rentals, get
more coffee, and then roll
home with such style,
such imaginative zest,
such intricate symbolism?
No one---came the
stentorious reply, nobody
but a beast like none other:
Lane Savant.

Melva and I had a good time
at Pac Beach this weekend,
even had a warm partially
sunny Saturday for some fine
beach combing. Went to see
THE AMERICAN, and still a
little confused. Melva did not
like it, and neither did I
especially, but the more I
think about it the more it
makes me consider that it
was well crafted; just not
a mainstream action flick,
like it was advertised and
touted as. Your Magpie
selection was sterling,
almost bullet proof, garnering
all kinds of magpie responses.
It is joyful to see all those
new faces, to read all those
new perceptions, to hear
all those new voices over
here at the Big FFTL.
Besides, just trying to
respond to your poem
kicked off one of my own;
I thank you for the impetus.

Captain Bud and I may go
today just because, but I
sure as hell do not want
to wear those dorky glasses
and see it in 3-D. Even the
newest HARRY POTTER, out
soon, will have a 3-D version.

9:26 AM  
Blogger Jingle said...


5:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
A very interesting journey!!
P.S. Regards from the LL and me to you, Meredith, and Keth.

7:43 AM  

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